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University of Waterloo - Library

At the center of great ideas. Good library flash piece from the University of Waterloo. Shows library as the center of teaching, innovation and student achievement.

This email was meant to encourage previous donors to the library to link to the library page, and learn more about a new giving opportunity. It was well received by those that opened it, but had a low click through rate (8%).


Contributed by ...
John Heckbert, Development Analyst Annual Giving, University of Waterloo
Email AddressJohn Heckbert is a graduate of the University of Waterloo from the philosophy program in 2004. While attending University he also worked as a evening supervisor and in administrative support for the student fundraising program. As an analyst within annual giving he manages projections, strategic planning initiatives and the parents campaign.

Supportingadvancement.com E-solicitations - Library.

E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com E-solicitations - Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mathematics, Renison College, St. Jerome's University, St. Paul's College.
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