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  Guide to Working With a Prospect Revenue

Contributed by ...
ccbeard and associates
Email AddressCarl Beard is principal consultant for ccbeard & associates. A native of Tennessee, Mr. Beard spent the early years of his career as a church musician, a professor at Furman University and for 10 years, Founder and Executive Director of GAMAC, a multi-faceted community performing arts organization located in Anderson, South Carolina. With over 20 years of development experience, Beard served Clemson University as Director of Planned Giving and Mars Hill College as Vice President for College Advancement. He has been involved in capital campaigns with goals ranging from $6 million to $500 million. Most recently, he planned and directed a $200 million campaign at the University of Richmond and directed a $500 million campaign at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Beard is an educator, musician and fundraiser. His diverse experiences in fundraising and management in the education, arts and museums arenas qualify him to provide his clients with a complete and diverse array of services and counsel.

Supportingadvancement.com Guide to Working With a Prospect
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