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   Maintaining a Successful Long Term Partnership Revenue

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Richard Lim, Vice President, Affinity Market Group, at Meloche Monnex
Email AddressRichard Lim is Vice President, Affinity Market Group, at Meloche Monnex. He graduated from Sir George Williams University (now Concordia University) with a Bachelor of Commerce degree (major in accounting). Richard is also a Certified General Accountant and has successfully participated in the Executive Development Program, at Queen’s University in Kingston. He is a Trustee of the Education Foundation of CPAC. Richard started his career as an internal auditor with a large life insurance company in Canada. He later worked for a major trust company as Computer Auditor. He was the Controller and Treasurer for an advertising company and subsequently the Division Controller of a publicly traded international manufacturing company.

Richard joined Meloche Monnex in 1982 and has held various positions in finance, administration, human resources, and systems management. In his current position as Vice President, Affinity Market Group, he is responsible for corporate client relations, public relations, and business development in Ontario

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