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  2008 Updates and links archived from the main page. Site Information
December 2008
December 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Happy Holidays!
With the advent of the holidays, all of us at SupportingAdvancement.Com wish you the best for the season and the new year. All the best, travel safely and enjoy your time with family and friends. We'll be back on January 5th, 2009 to start the new year. We appreciate your ongoing interest and support.
December 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. $50 Million for Le Moyne College.
December 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campaigns. University of Auckland Announces $100 Million Campaign.
December 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Should You Buy Your Software or Rent It? Wild Apricot.
December 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Going Forward With Asks.
2009 will be an interesting year. As economists in the private sector shudder every time they mention the “R” word, recession, we can take solace in our own versions of the letter R. 2008 has left the global village and the nonprofit sector in particular, shaken, unsettled and uncertain of the future. For those that determined to stay the course here are a few notions to hang your hat on.Terry Burton from Dig in Research.
December 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Mega-gifts. $300 Million to Business School. University of Chicago.
December 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter in Higher Education. Tweet Chicago. University of Chicago.
December 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Sports in Two Countries. A Tail of Two Tailgates. Globe and Mail.
December 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Managing Special Events.
Alumni event flow checklist, Event Response Card, Follow Up Event Letter. Lisa B. Fort.
December 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com There's Something Going Down on facebook. Pay Attention.
December 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Finance. U-M Sees Funds Lose $2 Billion by December 31.
December 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0 Websites on a Small Budget. Wild Apricot.
December 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Defy Convention.
Non donor appeal. Evolution is accelerating at Clarkson University and you can help by making your gift. Increase the value of your degree and remember, that every gift counts.
More e-solicitations.
December 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Happy Holidays.
Creative holiday greeting card from Eckerd College Admissions. More e-solicitations.
December 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Staff Recruitment. University of Michigan.
December 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Staff Recruitment. University of Pennsylvania.
December 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Staff Recruitment. UCLA.
December 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Millennial Give Back.
An alma mater that continues to show its affinity to its alumni by providing valuable resources after graduation creates an environment that an alum simply cannot ignore. MyWorkster.Com.
December 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com US Online Holiday Giving Expected to Exceed $3 Billion. Convio.
December 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Despite Rough Economy, Americans Still Planning to Donate This Year.
December 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising and the Economy. Pursuant Group.
December 16, 08 More With LessSupportingadvancement.com Year End.
As we come closer to the end of the year, we need to plan for new budgeting cycles, staff justification, selling investment in our areas and efficient year end processing. More budget, efficiency and planning materials.
December 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Words. The Global Language Monitor.
December 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Uncertainty. Risk Management Framework. Educause.
December 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com International. Russia: Super League of 'Federal' Universities.
December 15, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Naming Rights.
Naming rights have become a powerful strategy for fundraisers. Naming rights deals—and the amount of money that comes with them—have the power to transform an organization forever. Good overview of a new book by Terry Burton from Dig in Research.
December 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Content Management Systems. Survey Done by UC Davis.
December 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. College Students' Social Networking Grows.
December 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Incidents. The Wild Web. University Affairs.
December 12, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Campaign Analysis.
Sample of an eSolicitation analysis provided by  Pursuant Group comparing the results of different campaigns.
December 12, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
The estate of a New York mortician and early investor in the computer giant IBM has bequeathed $75 million to Georgetown University, the institution's largest gift, school officials announced yesterday
December 12, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
The New York University Langone Medical Center has received two gfts totaling $260 million.
December 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Competition Heating Up in Texas. Pursuant Group.
December 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Podcast. A Wild Ride: Kiva President on Online Giving Markets.
December 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Security. Laptop Searches at Border Might Get Restricted.
December 11, 08 RecordsSupportingadvancement.com Managing a Database.
Good posting from Robert L. Weiner Consulting on best practices for managing a database.
More Records.
December 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Research. Private Company Valuation and the Prospect Researcher.
December 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Change Management. A Five-Step Program for Change.
December 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Financial Straits of Boosters Hit Athletic Programs.
December 10, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com First Gift Postcard.
I borrowed the concept for this Thank You postcard with permission from Lola Mauer from the University of South Carolina. Within 48 hours of the gift, every first time donor receives this card hand-signed by all four staff. Because of the brightly colored graphics and the message, these cards are quite popular with our young (and first-time donor) alumni.
Cindy Avery.
More samples.
December 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campaigns. University of Texas Sets $3 Billion Goal.
December 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campaigns. One Life Six Words. Add Yours. Campaign McGill.
December 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. What should be in your association's social media plan?
December 9, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Jobs and facebook.
MyWorkster has moved networking from facebook to professional networking using facebook Connect. Check out the video and the web property at MyWorkster.Com.
December 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Technology Tools. Using chat to Move the Thinking Process Forward.
December 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Hedge Funds. How the smart money looked dumb.
December 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. KU Hospital Gets 20m for Cancer Services.
December 8, 08 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Does data mining work?
Study on data mining results for 5 higher education institutions. Peter B. Wylie.
More reporting and analytics.
December 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Data Mining & Analytics. KDnuggets.
December 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Data Mining & Analytics. Statistical Data Mining Tutorials.
December 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Using Cartoons to Bring Attention to Your Cause.
December 5, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Thanksgiving.
Let us pause to remember the people who are important to us. Barton College.
More e-solicitations.
December 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Internationalization. Vast Rise in Student Mobility.
December 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Interactive Annual Report. University of British Columbia.
December 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Parents. Arizona State University Parents Association.
December 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New Blog.
The place to find answers for your annual giving and annual fund development needs! Provided by Brian Lacy.
More blogs and blogspots.
December 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Press Release. Charitable Partners Joins Pursuant. Pursuant Group.
December 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Getting the Best Prices for Processing Credit Cards. Techsoup.
December 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Donations and Your Nonprofit. Techsoup.
December 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Keynote Podcast.
Keynote speech from the AASP 2008 Summit by Sharon Burns.
December 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Ratings Games. Creating the Anti-Rankings. Inside Higher Ed.
December 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Engagement. Texas Spirits. University of Texas.
December 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Records. Address Verification. Runner Technologies.
December 2, 08 More With LessSupportingadvancement.com End of Year.
John Taylor's annual date of gift message detailing policies you should follow at the end of the calendar year.
December 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Financial. Colleges are Not Going Hungry, but are in Need.
December 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Virtual Worlds. Second Life: Future for the academic conference?
December 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Request. Marketing Challenges for 2009. CASE.
November 2008
November 26, 08 Happy ThanksgivingSupportingadvancement.com Happy Thanksgiving.
We're closing early for the holidays. Travel safely and enjoy your time with family and friends. (We know you'll all be getting off early anyway.) We'll be back on December 1st. (For those of you in Canada, we hope you had a good one.)
November 25, 08 More With LessSupportingadvancement.com Change Management.
Conceptual diagram on some of the elements inherent in managing change.
More planning materials.
November 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Stanford Gets $75 Million for Stem Cell Studies.
November 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Engagement. The Baylor Womens Network. Baylor University.
November 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Research Study. College Students Find WiFi Essential to Education.
November 24, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com boldlybaldwin.
Our students amaze us. You amazed us then. Good piece with students from Mary Baldwin College. More e-solicitations.
November 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Does Data Mining Really Work for Higher Education Fundraising. CASE.
November 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Mark your Calendar for the 2009 APRA Conference. APRA.
November 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Cause Related Ads Can Increase Sales. Marketing VOX.
November 21, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Conference Musings.
The first Association of Advancement Services Professionals conference kicked off in Chicago with the opening keynote session. This session was certainly indicative of the exciting and in-depth sessions that followed throughout the conference.
November 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Sharing in the USA. USA Today.
November 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Bands Gone Wild. Inside Higher Ed.
November 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Higher Ed. Goes Back to School on Communication Technologies.
November 20, 08 RecordsSupportingadvancement.com Nobody in Charge.
A wealth of data, and nobody in charge. Privacy, shredding and new concerns about privacy. Privacy, records management & more.
November 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Open Source Compared to Vendor Supplied Software.
November 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Student Contest. Headspace. Mount Saint Vincent University.
November 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Newsletter. Solutions for the Development Office.
November 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com AASP Summit.
Photos from the AASP 2008 Summit uploaded to the facebook fan page.
November 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube. Multiple Videos from University of Virginia Law School.
November 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com DePaul Brings Social Networking to Parents.
November 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Financial Chaos Threatens to Besiege Universities.
November 18, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Through These Doors.
How you were welcomed, inspired, valued and prepared for the future at Colorado College.
More e-solicitations.
November 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com University of California's Endowment Plunged 1 Billion Dollars.
November 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Videos Teach Ways to Cheat in Tests.
November 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Google Maps. Boston University, MSU, U Kansas, eduStyle Examples.
November 17, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Happy Holidays.
Happy holidays from the Pitt Alumni Association. Highlights of events. More e-solicitations.
November 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Don't Forget About Year End Solicitations. Pursuant Group.
November 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Economy Expected to Take a Toll on Giving. New York Times.
November 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Canadian Do Not Call List is Now Effective.
November 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Celebration.
The University of Michigan celebrates the impact of the historic Michigan Difference campaign. Philanthropy Network, Campaign Finale page, University of Michigan facebook page, Michigan Difference Campaign Finale facebook page.
November 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Email Marketing Strategy Blog. Karlyn Morissette.
November 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0. 7 Principles of Web 2.0 Copy - Twitter Style!
November 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com How to Learn More About Your Website Audience. Wild Apricot.
November 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Holiday Solicitations.
E-solicitation samples from Progressive Media. The Truth About Flash in Email (old article but worth looking at in terms of how you might look at tracking e-solicitations.)
November 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gates Foundation Releases Ambitions Plans for Education.
November 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Harvard Seeking Spending Cuts to Weather Downturn.
November 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Web Contests. Nipissing University.
November 12, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Holiday Card.
It grows over time, we all still feel it. The lifelong connection to SUNY Oswego.
More e-solicitations.
November 12, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
David Booth, a doctoral graduate from the University of Chicago, has donated $300 million to the Graduate School of Business.
November 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Tough Times Strain Colleges Rich and Poor. New York Times.
November 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Find Out Who's talking About Your Organization and Issues Online.
November 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Charities are Bracing for a Long, Hard Winter. Time.
November 11, 08 More With LessSupportingadvancement.com Campaign Planning.
Comprehensive campaign planning timeline contributed by Mike Westfall. More planning materials.
November 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com College Rankings by Internet News. Global Language Monitor.
November 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Philanthropy Portal. University of Michigan.
November 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Students Prefer Classes With Online Learning.
November 10, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com More Reflections.
Customer service has a foundation that needs to be built on strong partnerships.
November 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Direct Mail Best Practices. CRM Trends.
November 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Charities Brace for Drop in Donors. Globe and Mail.
November 10, 08| Supportingadvancement.com Some Colleges Checking Students' Social Networking Sites.
November 7, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Reflections on Customer Service.
What are some of the reasons providing customer service is challenging in Advancement Services and Development Services organizations?
November 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com First in America: Fulfilling Our Destiny. Dickinson College.
November 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Tell-All Campus Tour. The New York Times.
November 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Interactive Social Video Console. Academica Group.
November 6, 08 ResearchSupportingadvancement.com Peer Screening Form.
Sample Peer Screening Form. Peer screening methodology provided by Jennifer Cooper.
More sample forms.
November 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com College Applicants, Beware, Your facebook Page is Showing.
November 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking Page. Edmonds Community College.
November 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com College Search Engine. Unigo.
November 5, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Planning.
Sample events planning checklists 1, 2.
More samples for planning and related materials.
November 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. College Yearbooks Lose their Cachet.
November 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. facebook Page Best Practices. Academica Group.
November 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Down Under. PhilanthropyWiki. Philanthropy Australia.
November 4, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Halloween Flash.
The horrors of being an Old Dominion Student. Good creative use of theme to support an ask for gifts. More e-solicitations.
November 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New Fundraising. The Power of the Obama iPhone Application.
November 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Reflect Back. The Power of Story.
November 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Wealth Study. Wealth in America. Northern Trust.
November 3, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Whose job it it anyway?
Who should be responsible in the organization for maintaining email addresses? Advancement Services or some other organizational unit?
November 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Economy & Fundraising. Charitable Giving During Recessions.
November 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Economy & Fundraising. What do crisis mean for giving?
November 3, 08\ Supportingadvancement.com IBM Launches Center for Social Software.
October 2008
October 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Endowment Spending.
If an organization has a reasonable endowment spending policy it should protect against shorter and mid-term market fluctuations
October 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Tuition Pricing. Hey buddy, can you spare $25,243. College Board.
October 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Free Webinar. Next Generation Business Intelligence ... Now.
October 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. New Researchers Social Network. Academia.edu.
October 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
T. Boone Pickens will give another $63 m to Oklahoma State to finish renovating the football stadium, but the future of other athletic projects he'd intended to fund is in doubt because of the economic downturn
October 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Messaging Behaviors, Preferences, and Personas White Paper.
October 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Five New Twitter Tools You Should Know. Online Marketing Blog.
October 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004.
October 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Tweet Tweet.
The use of Twitter for communications. How Companies Use Twitter to Bolster Their Brands, How Tweet It Is, Getting Intimate (with Customers) on Twitter, Does Your Job Tweet - Industry Specific Twitter Guides, Associations Using Twitter, Cancer Patients Use Twitter to Connect Online, How Can Nonprofits Use Twitter?
October 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Pew on Teens, Video Games and Civics. Unit Structures.
October 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Hospital Funding on facebook. Running a Hospital.
October 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Inexpensive Online Donations Processing. Google.
October 28, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com US News Rankings.
The 2009 rankings in a sorted printable Excel for you to use in your analysis. More rankings. Devin Mathias.
October 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Soaring Student Numbers Post Funding and Quality Challenges.
October 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Advancement Goes Digital. University Business.
October 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Web Site Design. 7 Deadly Sins of Web Site Design.
October 27, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com New Media Channels.
Text is Next. Free webinar on text messaging. It's under the online tutorials section, and you'll have to register on the site, but it's worth a listen.
October 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Economics. Fundraising Recession Watch.
October 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Halloween Treats. Scary Stories of Information Management.
October 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Ethics. Podcast From Stanford Social Innovation Review.
October 24, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Data Management.
An encompassing approach to data management is critical to an organization especially when this needs to cross organizational boundaries. Data is what gives us our strategic advantage and if we don’t have our “ducks in order and in a row and appropriately updated” we will lose our competitive edge.
October 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com College Draws Derision, Not Donations, With 'Blah' Fund-Raising Letter.
October 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Read the 'Blah, blah' letter.
October 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 'Blah, blah' Letter to Alumni Draws an 'Ahem' Boston.Com.
October 23, 08 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com The Perfect Fit.
major software package shouldn't be chosen lightly. In this detailed guide, Peter Campbell walks through how to find software options, evaluate them, make a good decision, and then purchase the system in a way that protects you. idealware.
October 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Email Marketing. Do Your Stakeholders Think You're a Spammer?
October 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Marketing Channels. Savvy Mobile Ads Reach College Students.
October 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Email Marketing. E-mail Appends: The Good, the Bad and the Realistic.
October 22, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
Annual Giving Advertisements. Activities, Equipment, Technology. A team effort from Colby-Sawyer College.
More samples.
October 22, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
A Pulitzer prize for Harvard museum: $45m and 31 major works of art.
October 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com A Few Good Online Survey Tools. idealware.
October 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Basics of Email Metrics: Are Your Campaigns Working? idealware.
October 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Brian Niles Recruiting Manifesto. TargetX.
October 21, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Donor Acquisition.
Pursuant's newest initiative AutoAcquire allows your members to make a donation right on their phone bill.
October 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Internationalization. International Recruitment. University of Alberta.
October 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facts and Figures. College and University Endowments.
October 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Technical. The Accessible Video Interface.
October 20, 08 Canadian FundraiserSupportingadvancement.com Interim Director.
When there is a sudden departure of an executive director, regardless of whether it was a resignation or termination, the board faces many crucial decisions. Can this period be used to strengthen the organization and build capacity?
Canadian FundRaiser.
October 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com It's the Community, Stupid! Plan to Raise and Nurture Online Community.
October 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Videos. Tips from Community Managers. collegewebeditor.com.
October 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Webinar Series on Managing Online Communities. higheredexperts.com.
October 20, 08 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Business Intelligence.
Business Intelligence Growing in Popularity in Higher Ed. Campus Technology.
October 17, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Jingle Bears.
Holiday card from Baylor University, with a bear decorating a tree. More e-solicitations.
October 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com U - Now TV. University of Calgary.
October 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facilitation of gift-in-kind donations. Wishtree.com.
October 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Compare web sites. University Home Page Snapshot Search.
October 16, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Holiday Card.
President and other staff talk to the "web dudes" about creating a holiday card. Eckert College.
More e-solicitations.
October 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Residence Hall Campaign. Doors and Windows. University of Winnipeg.
October 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com How I Became a Social Entrepreneur. Jessica Jackley Flannery.
October 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Project Management. Life in the Projects. Steve MacLaughlin.
October 14, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com In Pursuit.
Pursuant Group's e-newsletter featuring the newest developments in online fundraising.
October 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New web site. University Affairs.
October 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Employment. Become a Career Activist. HigherEdJobs.
October 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com VIP Alumni Weekend. Hollins University.
October 13, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
Harvard University has announced the largest gift in its history, a $125 million donation from entrepreneur Hansjorg Wyss to create a new institute dedicated to biological engineering.
October 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Ideas for Engaging Alumni on the Web. iModules Road Show 2008.
October 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Prospect Screening Services Study 2008. Chronicle of Philanthropy.
October 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com A Few Good Methods for Processing Credit Cards. TechSoup.
October 9, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com 501 Videos.
Video production company which produces videos for Non-Profits. There are a number of samples and other materials.
October 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Spotlight. West Virginia University.
October 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Spotlights. Hofstra University.
October 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Syracuse University on Ning.
October 8, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Transforming Lives.
Values that help turn students into leaders in the workplace and the community. Core values to not happen in a vacuum but at Lewis University are an integral part of the transformation of students. More e-solicitations.
October 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Class of 2012. The College of New Jersey.
October 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Welcome to Calvin! Grab a Paddle. Calvin College.
October 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Send a Birthday Cake. Westminster College Parents Program.
October 7, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Evolving Naming Strategies.
Stock markets have been tumbling. For those of us who have been involved for more than a twenty years, we know that the pendulum of life and current financial dilemma will eventually cease its’ current track, run out of steam and head in another direction. Provided by Terry Burton from Dig in Research.
October 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Channels. Selling Nonprofits to Generation Y - On Paper. Wild Apricot.
October 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Security - Ongoing Challenges. Hackers Hit UIndy Computers.
October 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Bookmarking. Will Digg Make a Category for Nonprofits? Wild Apricot.
October 6, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Updated.
Where the jobs are. Links to sites with job postings for the education, healthcare and non profit sectors.
October 6, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
Pre phonathon postcard from the University of Georgia Law School
. Phyllis Cooke.
More samples.
October 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Greeting, Parents. Mock Registration Form for the New School Year.
October 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Profiles. University of Exeter.
October 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Emergency Notification Systems. Free Webinar. University Business.
October 3, 08 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Maximize Your Matching Gifts.
"Free Money" or Matching Gifts are available today from more corporations and subsidiaries than ever before (Approximately 16,500). Maximizing the dollars your non-profit receives is more important now than ever. Presentation by Mike Westfall on how to maximize your matching gifts. Video of Presentation. Sponsored by HEP Development Services. More on Matching Gifts.
October 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter for Marketing Purposes. Northern Arizona University.
October 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Colleges Turn to Television to Recruit Students. TheBostonChannel.Com.
October 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campaigns Differ on How to Help College Costs. Associated Press.
October 2, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Inspire the Basketball Team.
Very creative interactive piece from Gonzaga Athletics on how to inspire the Women's Basketball Team. Enter your phone number on the web site and receive a call from the coach.
October 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Duplicates in your Database? Robert L. Weiner Consulting.
October 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 3 New Ways to Target Your Audience with Facebook Pages. Wild Apricot.
October 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Excel Tips & Tricks. Shortcuts to Reduce Pain and Improve Productivity.
October 1, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Direct Mail Success.
By ranking the recency, frequency, and monetary returns your solicitations bring, you can increase your gifts while reducing your costs. Blackbaud.
October 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gift range calculator. Blackbaud.
October 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising Campaign Pyramid Calculator. Metropolitan Group.
October 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Table Calculator. Alexander Macnab & Co.
September 2008
September 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Financial Crisis and Donors.
Harvard fundraisers are closely monitoring the impact of the financial crisis on donations as they prepare for a capital campaign with a tentative launch of 2011, Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development Tamara E. Rogers ’74 said in an interview Friday.
September 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Lines and Bubbles and Bars. Oh My! New Ways to Sift Data.
September 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Getting Development Officers to Enter Contact Reports.
September 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Canada's Top 20 Web Innovators and Practitioners.
September 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Security. Phishing Resources. Educause.
September 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 44% of Donors Check Out Your Nonprofit Online. Wild Apricot.
September 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Stronger Emails Generate Better Leads. The Customer Collective.
September 29, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com On the Road Again.
Ever travel, get to your hotel and just can't seem to find a plug for all of your electronic devices?
September 29, 08 Like MindedSupportingadvancement.com Like Minded.
Updated. Added Jeffrey Byrne & Associates, Inc.
Collection of over 250 articles on major gifts, planned giving, board development, and capital campaigns.
September 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com .eduGuru.
Interesting blog on Internet marketing and Web Development in Higher Education.
September 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campus Tours. A Virtual Visit Welcome. University Business.
September 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Creating the Anti-Rankings. Inside Higher Ed.
September 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Email Stats Can Be Deceiving. eduGuru.
September 25, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com HEP Development.
"Free Money" or Matching Gifts are available today from more corporations and subsidiaries than ever before (Approximately 16,500). Maximizing the dollars your non-profit receives is more important now than ever. Join us at our complimentary seminar Wednesday, October 1st, 2:00 PM ET .
More on matching gifts.
September 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Voices. Neumann College.
September 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Story of Web Re-design. The Eagle Web Chronicle.
September 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Compensation. Kent State Plans Bonuses for Profs Who Meet Goals.
September 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Five Tips for Building Better Segments. StrongMail.
September 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Analytic Culture - Does it Matter? b.eye.
September 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Tapping Twitter as a Marketing Tool. VideoProNews Video Blog.
September 24, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Student Experience.
The world is in a constant state of change. The ocean never looks the same as it rises and falls, and as waves are churned by the currents that run beneath the surface.
September 23, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Job Board.
Many new jobs added. Don't forget to take advantage of this free service to help find good candidates. The board has over 50,000 visitors per month on average.
September 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com In Canada, a Bid to Retain top Talent From Abroad. Inside Higher Ed.
September 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campus Daily Guide. mtvU.
September 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Pushy Parents Can Act as Agents. BBC News.
September 22, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
Direct mail appeal
. Contributed by Christopher Short from Wiley College. More samples.
September 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Leveraging Facebook in Education Communities. iModules.
September 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Giving Options. University of North Carolina.
September 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Business Intelligence. University of Michigan.
September 19, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Call Center Manual.
Call center manual contributed by Christopher Short from Wiley College. More training. More telefund.
September 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook. Using Facebook to Engage Young Alumni. iModules.
September 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising. Community Colleges Have to Emulate four-Year Schools.
September 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Twitter, the Enterprise's Third Space.
September 18, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com What We Don't Measure.
One of the tenents of great programs is that we measure everything we do and use these analytics and related tools to make improvements.
September 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com More Rankings. College Rankings by Internet Analysis.
September 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Chapters Handbook. Hollins University.
September 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Chapters Handbook. Boston College.
September 17, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com PCI Compliance.
Some cautionary notes for consideration by any institution exploring options for PCI compliance with links to resources
Amy Phillips.
September 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook. Best Practices.
September 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Engagement. Essential Skills of a Community Manager.
September 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Sources for Free Map Graphics. Wild Apricot.
September 16, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
Direct mail appeal from the University of Georgia Law School
. Phyllis Cooke. More samples.
September 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising resources for prospect research. NOZA.
September 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Alumni Sites on Ning.
September 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Interesting job advertisement. Community Gardener - Akoha.
September 15, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Connected.
What might a university look like with a fully deployed program of converged devices like the iPhone? Connected is one possible vision. This fictional day-in-the-life account highlights some of the potential benefits in a higher education setting when every student, faculty, and staff member is "connected."
September 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Search Engines. The Future of Search. Google Blog.
September 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com More Lipstick on the Pig. Social Media. The Customer Collective.
September 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Next Generation. Welcome, Freshmen. Have an iPod. New York Times.
September 12, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Email Marketing.
A few thoughts on email marketing with some links to vendors, samples, analysis and email policies
September 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Connectivity. Canada Leading Way in Campus Connectivity. PCWorld.
September 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Marketing. Stop Writing the Obituary, Social Media Hasn't Killed E-Mail.
September 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Parent Programs. Parents Leadership Council.
September 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com AASP News.
Registration is open for the 2008 Summit: Trends and Strategies for Advancement Services. This is a focused opportunity to engage with other advancement services professionals on best practices, concepts, strategy, trends, new approaches, and meeting the needs of the future. Plan to brainstorm with your peers and other visionaries on the changes and challenges we will be facing in Advancement Services, and how to plan for them now.
September 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook. Alumni Futures on Facebook.
September 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Tech Support for Free and Open-Source Networks. Wild Apricot.
September 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Shows alumni Leaders Moving Towards Social Networks.
September 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Leadership.
Video on executive leadership and institutional advancement from the Chronicle Executive Leadership Forum.
This panel explores how the practice of advancement affects leadership and institutional goals. SunGard Higher Education.
September 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Security. Student Data Exposed on Test-Prep Site. eSchool News.
September 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com GreenNonprofits. Interview with Ted Hart. CharityChannel.
September 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Wiki Use. Independent Schools Wiki!
September 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blackbaud Delivers.
Series of free seminars presented in various cities by Blackbaud. Vote for your topic and register.
September 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com A closer look at facebook events. Wild Apricot.
September 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blogging. 11 Tips for Your Nonprofit Blog. ePhilanthropy.org eZine.
September 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Interesting Blog. Extensis Community Blog.
September 8, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Web 2.0 Survey Results.
Web 2.0 survey done by Shawn Kornegay to be used for a graduate student project. Compare to results from the Use of Web 2.0 survey run by SupportingAdvancement.
September 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Fund and Facebook. Carolina Annual Fund.
September 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Will Colleges Friend Facebook. Inside Higher Ed.
September 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Learning FAQ. Capella University.
September 5, 08 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Data Warehouse.
Session 2 presentation on building your data warehouse from the Blackbaud Higher Education Forum. Associated podcast. More reporting.
September 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Consecutive Giving. Brown University Proclamation.
September 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com facebook Causes. Agnes Scott College Annual Fund.
September 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com facebook Fan Page. Agnes Scott College Senior Gift Campaign.
September 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Save the Dates.
Sage Summit in Denver Colorado November 17-20, 2008. Video on the conference offerings.
September 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com What's Turning Off Your Donors? Wild Apricot.
September 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Parents and Family Site. Montana State University.
September 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Once hailed by College as Philanthropist, Foote Spun Web of Deceit.
September 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com I Dig Webby Things and I Bet You Do Too. Chad Norman.
September 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Web. Introduction to Open Source Software.
September 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Audio Reports. The Data Warehouse Institute Audio Reports.
September 2, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Student Experience.
While it was still raining, we pitched up our tents inside of the barn on the second floor loft (accessed by an old, sketchy ladder) so they could dry and hung up our drowned sleeping bags wherever there was room.
September 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Employment. 2008 Online Degrees Survey Results. Vault.com.
September 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Employment. Pursue Your Dream. HigherEdJobs.Com.
September 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Save the dates. NEDRA Fall Events.
August 2008
August 29, 08 Annual FundSupportingadvancement.com Annual Fund and Campaign.
Presentation on annual fund in a campaign, leadership principles and annual fund strategy.
Mike Westfall.
August 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Connectivity. College Students Work Without a Wire.
August 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 30 Years Later, Dartmouth Celebrates 'Animal House'. Inside Higher Ed.
August 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Resources. Special Reports from Marts and Lundy.
August 28, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com You're Flippin' Genius.
Innovative look at online magazines and how you can give new life to your publications. Includes some samples.
August 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Statistics for good. UNdata.
August 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Service. President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.
August 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Business Intelligence. The OLAP Report.
August 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com What is moves management?
Do you visit prospects, create gift proposals, solicit individuals or organizations for donations, and cultivate and steward donors? The actions you take to bring in donors, forge relationships and keep the contributions coming are known as Moves, and Moves Management, simply put, is the system of policies, procedures and practices that directs these actions. Blackbaud.
August 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Monitoring Behavior. Official Party Pooper Riles Seattle U Students.
August 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Universities Try to Control Students Off Campus. Boston.com.
August 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Tour Reconnects Alumni. Witt Nation. Wittenberg University on the Road.
August 26, 08 Canadian FundraiserSupportingadvancement.com Board Management.
I once worked with someone who, when he found a meeting boring, would figure out the true cost of the meeting. The dollar figure was always a jaw-dropper. That old chestnut “time is money” applied. Meetings are expensive. Canadian FundRaiser.
August 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Caller Website. USD Phone Center Blog.
August 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested. Consecutive Year Giving.
August 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Wired Campus. Faster Wi-Fi Predicted for Colleges.
August 25, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Social Networking.
Mashable.Com - Social Networking News. Unit Structures - Fred Stutzman. Beth Kantor's Wiki - numerous links to other resources.
August 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Presentation. Engaging alumni & Maintaining Affinity in the Online Era.
August 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Presentation. Future of Community in an Online World: A Paradigm Shift.
August 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Recruiting. Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers.
August 22, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Student Decision Making.
Detailed presentation on how prospective students form first impressions by Ken Steele from the Academica Group. Although it's geared towards admissions, there is some applicability and information for young alumni program development.
August 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Digital Signage. Campuses Use Digital Signage to Deliver Information.
August 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Mascot. The Life and Times of Butler Blue II. Blue2TV.
August 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Mascot. The Life and Times of Butler Blue II YouTube Channel.
August 21, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Great Things.
Take a moment to celebrate. How gifts support Marietta College.
More e-solicitations.
August 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0. Presidents Who Blog. University Affairs.
August 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Case Study: Running a Small College Site With Drupal.
August 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Fear U. Laptop Campaign. Hewlett Packard.
August 20, 08 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Data Warehouse.
Session 1 presentation on building your data warehouse from the Blackbaud Higher Education Forum. Associated podcast. More reporting.
August 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Mindset List of the Class of 2012. Beloit College.
August 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com "That Which Weaves Together:" The NSF Cyberlearning Report.
August 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Creepy Treehouse Defined. flexknowlogy.
August 19, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Student Experience.
It was a grey, but warm day as 32 college-aged students set out on the Buffalo National River in Arkansas. They dreamed of a campsite with shady trees and grassy slopes.
August 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Forbes Enters US College Ranking Business.
August 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Open Source. Does Open-Source Fall Down on Usability. Wild Apricot.
August 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com What Obama Can Teach You About Millennial Marketing. Advertising Age.
August 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com AASP News.
The Association of Advancement Services Professionals announces an update on the Best Practices in Advancement Services Project.
August 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Children. Legacy Admins: More Money, Lower Scores.
August 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com facebook. Applications for Your Non-Profit Page.
August 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Activism using Web 2.0. loveisrespect.org.
August 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0. Schools Creating New rules for Social Networking Policies.
August 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com RSS Feeds. How to Make Your Own Custom News Page. Wild Apricot.
August 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Old news. Network for Good to Acquire ePhilanthropy Foundation.
August 15, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com SEC Challenge Survey.
Good interactive survey
used to ask 80,000 recent alumni their thoughts on everything from online communities to online giving.
August 14, 08 Annual FundSupportingadvancement.com Lessons Learned.
Presentation on lessons learned in annual fund. Mike Westfall.
August 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Backing up your data. Backup Review.
August 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Next Generation File Sharing Comes Out of the Box. Wild Apricot.
August 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Higher Ed Digital Magazines. Best of List. collegewebeditor.com.
August 13, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Planned Giving.
Is starting a planned giving program a priority item on your organization’s strategic plan? Has it been on your plan for more than two years? What are you waiting for? Blackbaud.
August 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campaigns. University of Washington Foundation Raises $2.68 Billion.
August 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Resources. Procedure Manuals and Other Documents. Blackbaud.
August 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Standing Out on Paper. Best Practices in University Viewbooks.
August 12, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
Boone Pickens gives an additional $25 million - the largest gift ever given to the University of Calgary.
August 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com facebook group. Summer Institute in Advancement Services.
August 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Higher Education AdSpotter. Academica Group.
August 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com First alumni group in Canada based on sexual orientation.
 August 11, 08 Canadian FundraiserSupportingadvancement.com Volunteers.
Have you found that it is easier to recruit a volunteer to do frontline, hands-on work than one to accept a leadership position on a board of directors, advisory council, or key committee? Canadian FundRaiser.
August 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Giving. The Wired Wealthy. Convio. (You'll need a login.)
August 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Marketing. The Big Questions Answered. University Business.
August 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Survey of Alumni Association Directors about Affinity Programs. CASE.
August 8, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Doors.
Thousands of doors opening to opportunities every day. Your annual fund gifts are the key.
More e-solicitations.
August 8, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Updated.
Where the jobs are. List of sites where you can find job postings.
August 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Nonprofit 2.0 - Leveraging Technology and Social capital. Convio.
August 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Email to Snail Mail. Wild Apricot.
August 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com UK facebook poll. Facebook Information Should be Regulated. Guardian.
August 7, 08 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com Credit Card Processing.
In this article, we’ll try to demystify electronic payment technology and provide some useful guidance on avoiding pitfalls.
August 7, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
UBC Vancouver Students Endorse Largest Donation to Build New $110M Student Union Building at University Square.
August 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com CASE Web Award Winners 2008. mStonerblog.
August 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 81 Best Practice College and University Website Features. Bob Johnson.
August 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Naming. Naming Names: Ten Rules. Inside Higher Ed.
August 6, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com The Power of 50.
York to the Power of 50 Campaign Video. 50 Group video highlighting prominent alumni.
August 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New Media. iPhone Apps: Half-empty or Half-full?
August 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New Media. Mobile Marketing Association.
August 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Professors Strike Back. Professors strike back against RateMyProfessors.
August 5, 08 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com Let's Do It - Part 2!
Successful project management, implementation and conversion strategies.
August 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Ohio University Gift Now Tops $91.8 Million. Columbus Dispatch.
August 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Save the dates! CCAE Summer Institute.
August 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com CAMMP. Facebook Group.
August 4, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Tomorrow Made Possible.
Presentation on how we need to work more effectively internally, with vendors and on the web to ensure that we're able to keep pace with change. Podcast related to presentation.
August 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com CAMMP. Council of Alumni Marketing and Membership Professionals.
August 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Does your nonprofit need an email newsletter service? Wild Apricot.
August 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com So much in love with toys it's unnatural. Gizmodo.
August 1, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com What if?
What if Hollins didn't exist anymore? No front quad, no lasting friendships. Hollins University.
More e-solicitations.
August 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Email Marketing. Email Metrics Demystified.
August 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Email Marketing. Good Marketing Results in Good Deliverability.
August 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com When Word Count Matters, How do You Count Your Words?
July 2008
July 31, 08 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com Technology in Fundraising.
To keep your organization alive and in the forefront of your donors you may find yourself needing to reinvent your approach to fundraising. That’s where technology comes in to play. The Top Ten Ways Technology Can Help Your Organization. Blackbaud.
July 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Web Sites. Campaign for Mount St. Mary's College.
July 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Web Sites. Creating Great Futures: the Campaign for UWF.
July 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Web Sites. Capital Campaign for Student Spiritual Life.
July 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Save the date!
Join us for the inaugural annual conference of the Association of Advancement Services Professionals (AASP)!
July 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blog. Non Profit Page Rank. Tom Light.
July 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Podcast Resources. American Marketing Association Foundation.
July 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New social networking site. Party Aftermath.
July 29, 08 Annual FundSupportingadvancement.com Get Cocky, Y'all.
University of South Carolina's young alumni campaign with online videos and voting on who will represent Carolina's young alumni for one year. Postcard used to promote giving. Lola Mauer.
July 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com A Few Good Mapping and GIS Tools. Idealware.
July 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Project Management Software in the Real World. Idealware.
July 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook, Meet Blackboard. Inside Higher Ed.
July 28, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Accomplishment.
Slide show highlighting various aspects of the college ending in a request for support. Villa Julia College. More e-solicitations.
July 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Disaster Fundraising. University of Iowa Flood Relief Fund.
July 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Best Higher Ed Web Sites? 1st Annual eduStyle Awards.
July 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Got mindmapping? Software for Mindmapping and Information Organization.
July 25, 08 TicketPrinting.ComSupportingadvancement.com Search Engine Optimization.
Part 4 of a 4 part series on search engine optimization. TicketPrinting.Com.
July 25, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Job Board.
Lots of new jobs on the job board. Take advantage of this free service to post your own jobs.
July 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com First Impressions. How Prospective Students Form First Impressions.
July 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube. Student Volunteering Video. Tyndale University College.
July 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Donor Stewardship Issues. Forgotten Will Could Save Dunlap Contents.
July 24, 08 Canadian FundraiserSupportingadvancement.com Right vs. Right.
By virtue of their missions, nonprofits are often held to an even higher (some might argue, a different) standard of ethical performance than for-profit corporations.
Canadian FundRaiser.
July 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising. Small Army at UW Raised $900K a Day. Seattle Times.
July 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Planning. Web Sites for Technology Planning.
July 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Measuring Wealth. Brainstorm NW.
July 23, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com What's after email?
Matt Frazier, Founder and CEO of the Pursuant Group talks about a new web 2.0 product. Unifyer helps unite online content from social networking sites under your own brand.
July 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Opportunities. Opportunities and Wish List. Dartmouth College.
July 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook. Future Politicians and the Ghosts of Their Facebook Pasts.
July 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blog. Marketing, Communications and Technology. Eddie Merille.
July 22, 08 Telemarketing and TelefundSupportingadvancement.com ISU Phone Center.
Phone center blog with schedules, links, archives and various contributors.
July 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. U Buffalo Gets $10 Million for Heart Research.
July 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New Resource. SOFII - Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration.
July 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New CRM System Coming. Convio Announcement.
July 21, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
First solicitation mailing to new graduates
Diane Thompson. More samples.
July 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Have Fun!
To everyone at the CASE Summer Institute for Advancement Services at the University of Vermont. This is one of the flagship programs for "hitting the basics" in the Advancement Services profession.
July 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Political Fundraising Lessons. How Obama Reinvented Campaign Finance.
July 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Giving up in 2007. Generosity Defies Economic Signs. Indystar.com.
July 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Energy and Education. Colleges Looking at Curbing Student Commute.
July 18, 08 ResearchSupportingadvancement.com APRA Needs You.
Additional volunteers needed for the APRA conference in Denver. Sign up at the APRA web site! Also note the improved web site.
July 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Planning Resources. National Center for Technology Planning.
July 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Sample manuals.  TRE_Users. You need to login to Yahoo Groups.
July 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Evaluation Tools. Capital Venture Fundraising.
July 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Security. Data Security and Higher Education. SC magazine.
July 17, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Job Descriptions Added.
Assistant Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Associate Director, Donations Management, Associate Director, Restricted Funds Accounting. More job descriptions.
July 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Humor. 10 Simple Rules for Crushing Innovation and Maintaining Inertia.
July 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com From "Notworking" to Networking Online. HigherEdJobs.
July 16, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com On-Line Strategies.
Presentation on on-line strategies for Alumni and Development. Mike Westfall.
July 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Conference Presentations.
CCAE 2008 conference presentations are available on the CCAE website.
July 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Growth in Giving to Education Likely to Slow in Coming Year. CASE.
July 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Toolkit for Selecting Donor Management Software. NPower.
July 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Data Governance.
The IBM Data Governance Council today predicted five key information challenges that will reshape corporate behavior during the next four years.
July 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Email Marketing. Top E-mail Tips to Drive Response. ClickZ.
July 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0. Facebook Fundraising. Fundraising Forum.
July 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New product announcement. Planned Gift Prospector. Pursuant Group.
July 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blackbaud Kintera Acquisition.
Blackbaud completes acquisition of Kintera. Official announcement from Blackbaud.
July 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube Video. Baby Buddha. University of Waterloo.
July 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook Application. Ryerson University Library.
July 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Death of Yearbooks. The Economist.
July 10, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
e-Fullfillment. Jane Ong from UC Irvine.
More samples.
July 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com APRA Conference Volunteer Call. Sign up on the APRA site.
July 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Conference. AFP Canada Congress 2008.
July 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Research Resource. Birth Date Database.
July 8, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
Claremont McKenna College will receive $75 million from the foundation started by financier Henry R. Kravis and his wife, economist Marie-Josee, the school in California said.
July 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New Job Posting Site. HigherEdExperts. Where the Jobs Are.
July 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com MSU Uses Facebook to Attract International Students.
July 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Bill Seeks Lower Cost of College. Chicago Tribune.
July 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blackbaud Higher Ed Forum.
Links to sessions and presentations from the recent Blackbaud Higher Education Forum in Boston, MA.
July 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Viewbook Diversity vs. Real Diversity. Inside Higher Ed.
July 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Raising Tuition Via Social Media. 3 Bucks for Brendan.
July 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Private Company Contest to Eliminate Student Debt. Firkin University.
June 2008
June 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Importance of Small Gifts.
By Eugene R. Tempel on the importance of small gifts.
June 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Unifyer. New Product from Pursuant Group.
June 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Win a dorm room makeover. Wayne State University.
June 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com State Collaboration on For-Profit Higher Ed. Inside Higher Ed.
June 26, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com International Philanthropy.
An historic week for international philanthropy has just concluded. Two very generous gifts have landed on the doorsteps of higher education, but this time not in the USA. Provided by Terry Burton from Dig in Research.
June 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. University of Manitoba Receives $20 Million Gift.
June 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Capital Campaign Page. Cornell College.
June 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Higher Education Sector Research Project on Institutional Portals.
June 24, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Keep the Circle Unbroken.
Where you are today, when you give today, it reinforces the tradition and commitment to excellence. Davenport University.
More e-solicitations.
June 24, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Keep the Circle Unbroken.
Where you are today, when you give today, it reinforces the tradition and commitment to excellence. Davenport University.
More e-solicitations.
June 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Business Continuity Planning Resources. Educause.
June 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 10+ Presentation Tips to Keep Your Audience from Dozing Off.
June 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Favorite Books, Facebook and SAT Scores. Booksthatmakeyoudumb.
June 23, 08 Annual FundSupportingadvancement.com Taking Control.
Almost every nonprofit has an annual gift fund and these funds are the building blocks for major and planned giving success. Annual giving is the name given to solicitation efforts that are designed to achieve five aims ... Blackbaud.
June 23, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
A local couple are giving $10 million to St. Thomas University (St. Paul, MN) to aid students in financial need, with priority to students of color, students with disabilities, and first-generation students.
June 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gifts. Alwaleed Gives $31 Million for U.K. University Islamic Centers.
June 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com College Isn't Worth a Million Dollars. Inside Higher Ed.
June 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Video Contest. iamfresnostate.com.
June 20, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com True Life.
Why I gave back. Senior class gift testimonials from Boston College students.
More e-solicitations.
June 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Colleges Putting Their Own Spin on YouTube. Washington Post.
June 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Higher Ed Spending. Scrutiny on Many Sides. Inside Higher Ed.
June 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Internet Trends. How Active Is the 'Mature" Market Online?
June 19, 08 TicketPrinting.ComSupportingadvancement.com Search Engine Optimization.
Part 3 of a 4 part series on search engine optimization. TicketPrinting.Com.
June 19, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
Drexel University has announced a $15 million matching gift from alumnus and former U.S. ambassador to Finland Earle Mack for its new law school.
June 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Digging into eNewsletters. M&R Strategic Services.
June 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Learning Why Donors Support the Annual Fund. Chronicle of Philanthropy.
June 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Roncalli Dean Sues Over False Facebook Page. Indystar.com.
June 18, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Matching Game.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill presents a matching game that helps you learn more about how contributions help with the UNC experience. More e-solicitations.
June 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Magazines. Magazines: Gone Digital, Going Paperless.
June 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Web 3.0 ... How important will your website be in 5 to 10 years?
June 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Fund your school on MySpace. MySpace Schools.
June 17, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Social Web Resources.
Community Engine, Full Circle Associates, Impact Interactions, Internet Time Blog, Network-Centric Advocacy, Socialsoftwareweblog, Virtual Handshake.
June 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Gossip Sites. The Confessionals.
June 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blog for Students. Hack College.
June 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com More on Hedge Funds. Hedge Fund Blog.
June 16, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Job Descriptions Added.
Associate Director of Development Operations, Communications Manager, Development Officer. Amy Phillips.
More job descriptions.
June 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Save the dates! Summer Institute in Advancement Services.
June 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blackboard Launches facebook Application.
June 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com DonateNow Mashup Challenge Winners.
June 13, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com The Big Picture.
Slide show with snapshots of what was made possible with gifts from alumni and friends.
More e-solicitations.
June 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Internet Users Read with a Grain of Salt. eMarketer.
June 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Microsoft Security Intelligence Report.
June 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 2008 Educause & Internet2 Security Professionals Conference Proceedings.
June 12, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Campaign Staffing.
Presentation on Getting (& Keeping) the Right People on the Bus. Mike Westfall.
June 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Harvard President Defends Use of $35B Endowment. Boston.Com.
June 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Scribd to Kill the E-mail Attachment. Webware.
June 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Being Truly Customer Centric on Your Web Site. iPerceptionsInc.
June 12, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Philanthropic Trends.
The definitive source of philanthropic trends analysis in Canada. Spring 2008 report.
June 12, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
The University of New Hampshire said Thursday it plans to open a new college of business with the largest single donation in its history, $25 million.
June 11, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Brands and Social Media.
Vinton Cerf, "The Father of the Internet" speaks about brands and how they can leverage social media. Google's View on the Future of the Internet.
June 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Finished With Your Exam? Good. Now Share It. Inside Higher Ed.
June 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Mission and Values Videos. Bluffton University.
June 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Tips for Uploading Your Video to YouTube. collegewebeditor.com.
June 10, 08 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Survey Results Released.
We're pleased to announce that the 2008 Matching Gifts Best Practices Survey Results are now available. Survey results and related Podcast. Amy Phillips.
June 10, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com YouTomb.
Research project by MIT Free Culture that tracks videos taken down from YouTube for alleged copyright violation.
June 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Antithesis of Rate Your Professor.  Thank You Professor.
June 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gala Auction Feels a Chill from Wall Street's Slump. New York Times.
June 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Save the dates! iModules Summer Sizzler.
June 9, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com New Samples Added.
e-Campaign Letters - Engineering, Humanities, ICS, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Social Ecology, Social Sciences. Jane Ong from UC Irvine. More samples.
June 9, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
Research in Motion co-founder Mike Lazaridis donated an additional $50-million last night to the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ont., bringing the total tally of his gifts to the prestigious physics centre to $150-million.
June 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested.
CASE 2008 Survey of Online Social Community Use in Alumni Relations.
June 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networks: It's (still) about the Relationship. Blackbaud.
June 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Universities Sign on for Open Source Monitoring. Campus Technology.
June 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Bill of Wrongs. Inside Higher Ed.
June 6, 08 More With LessSupportingadvancement.com Student Giving Planning.
Fiscal year operating plan for student giving program. Rebecca Bramlett. More planning.
June 6, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
The founder of women's shoe company Nine West has given $50 million to the University of Pennsylvania.
June 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The top 10 Social Networking Annoyances. MSN.
June 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Results. Advertising and Sponsorship in Higher Ed Publications.
June 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com International Fundraising. Super Campaign Report from Hong Kong.
June 5, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com New Samples Added.
e-Acknowledgement, e-Pledge Reminder, Senior Class Brochure, Senior Class e-Giving.
More samples. Jane Ong from UC Irvine.
June 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blogosphere. Notes from Peabody: The UVA Application Process.
June 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com College alumni Magazines Struggle to Compete with Facebook. NY Times.
June 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Plattsburg UC. Facebook Challenge Application. Related article.
June 4, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com A World of Difference.
Narrative from a student at Bucknell University. Donors make the difference.
More e-solicitations.
June 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Technology Merger.
More on the Blackbaud Kintera Merger from the Chronicle of Philanthropy. More from Edgar.
June 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Technology Merger.
More on the Blackbaud Kintera Merger from the Chronicle of Philanthropy. More from Edgar.
June 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Ohio State University. Social Butterfly.
June 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Ottawa Law Students File Complaint over Facebook. CTV.ca.
June 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook Faces Canadian Privacy Probe. Calgary Herald.
June 3, 08 TicketPrinting.ComSupportingadvancement.com Search Engine Optimization.
Part 2 of a 4 part series on search engine optimization. TicketPrinting.Com.
June 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The College Visit - Does it do any good? San Francisco Chronicle.
June 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New book by Terry Burton. Naming Rights.
June 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Presidential Inauguration. Emporia State University.
June 2, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com More on Blackbaud/Kintera.
A few other considerations on the Kintera Acquisition by Blackbaud.
June 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Community Server Blogs. Butler University.
June 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New IRS Rules Help Donors Vet Charities. Wall Street Journal.
June 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 26% Interest on Overdue Tuition? MacLeans.ca.
May 2008
May 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blackbaud Acquires Kintera.
Blackbaud Press Release, Kintera Press Release, Associated Press, Don't Tell the Donor.
May 30, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com E-Solicitations.
Holiday Greeting. Personal transformation, caring professors, distinct programs. Imagine. Behind every great woman is another great woman. From Mary Baldwin College. Provided by Jennifer Moriarty Hagen. More e-solicitations.
May 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Netwits. Blog about Internet Marketing, Communication, Tools & Technology.
May 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Colleges See the Future: Video Games. Philadelphia Enquirer.
May 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Chinese Premier Debuts on Facebook. CNN.
May 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested. Survey on alumni associations.
May 29, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Fundraising Newsletter.
Good example of a fundraising newsletter produced by Annual Giving staff. Maryellen Charbonneau. More samples.
May 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube Channel. SickKids Foundation.
May 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube. Walden University - Be Inspired.
May 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Waste Paper: Communications and the Decline of Print. Campus Technology.
May 28, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Get Cocky, Y'all.
University of South Carolina's search for two young graduates to be the face of the young alumni campaign. Lola Mauer.
May 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Lehigh Receives Record Gift of $34.2 Million. Philadelphia Inquirer.
May 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Preparing for the Philanthropic Future of Higher Education. on Philanthropy.
May 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com RSS subscriptions to various blogs. Bentz Whaley Flessner.
May 27, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Assumptions.
How much more can we all assume and where will we find the resources to do it?
We sometimes forget to reflect on how much our environment has changed in the last 5-10 years.
May 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Search engine for college admission events. MyCampusVisits.
May 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com How do you move a historic house? Brown University on YouTube.
May 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Have a burning question? Ask a virtual advisor. Stony Brook University.
May 26, 08

Supportingadvancement.com Remember. Memorial Day.

May 23, 08

E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com New Leadership.
New leadership for the global community. Howard University. More e-solicitations.

May 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Giving. University of Michigan.
May 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Giving to the University. University of Hartford.
May 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Accomplish Great Things. Mount Holyoke College Online Giving.
May 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Giving. Carnegie Mellon.
May 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Interpret Documents with Artificial Intelligence. Mindsystems.
May 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Podcast. Nonprofit Commons in Second Life.
May 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Events Planning Pages.
Club Leader's Toolkit - MIT, Event Planning Guide - Cal Poly Pomona, Events Planning - Loyola University.
May 22, 08

BloggingSupportingadvancement.com BI in Higher Education.
Where can we find out about BI in Higher Education?

May 21, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com ROI With eLearning.
Whether you are someone looking to learn a new skill or hoping to advance your employees' knowledge, taking advantage of online training courses can be a way to gain education easily.
May 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Why Twitter Matters - And Why I Just Might Follow You. onlineSpin.
May 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Inbox/In-Tray Assessment. Discovering performance in advance. MindTools.
May 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Opening Doors. Campaign for St. Thomas.
May 20, 08 Blogging, Blogs, BlogspotsSupportingadvancement.com Inspired Annual Giving.
Thoughts, inspirations and resources for annual giving professionals. Good post on Face-booking Your Cause. Provided by Dori Sonntag. More blogs.
May 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com BSU Alumni Tour the University's Second Life. Starpress.Com.
May 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com IT Struggling Over Security Compliance. Campus Technology.
May 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Pomp and Happenstance. Honorary Degree Problems. Boston.Com.
May 19, 08 Bentz Whaley FlessnerSupportingadvancement.com Podcast.
Pamela Poland talks with Randy Lakeman, Deputy Director of Development at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, about the future of prospect development in fundraising.

From Bentz Whaley Flessner.
May 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com CASE Advancement Salary Survey.
May 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Why you should be Linked In. YouTube.
May 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Good selection of free reports and articles. nfpSynergy.
May 16, 08 TicketPrinting.ComSupportingadvancement.com Search Engine Optimization.
Part 1 of a 4 part series on search engine optimization. TicketPrinting.Com.
May 16, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
Hopkins is pledged $10 million to go to engineering school. WSU foundation receives $8.5 Million Gift.
May 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Colleges ask for less 'stuff', more money. USA Today.
May 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Don Kramer's Nonprofit Issues.
May 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Rest of the Senior Class Gift Story. USA Today.
May 15, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Second Life Tours on YouTube.
Boise State University, Ohio University, Texas State: Bobcat Village, San Jose State.
May 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Wealthy Tighten Their Belts as Crisis Continues. Millionaire Corner.
May 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Volunteer Trends Report. nfpSynergy.
May 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com University and College Web Developers.
May 14, 08 Canadian FundraiserSupportingadvancement.com Planning.
on profits just testing the waters of planned giving need to develop a work plan to guide them as they go forward. Canadian FundRaiser.
May 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New Yahoo Group. New Jersey Researchers.
May 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Finding New Employees. The Headhunting Toolbox. Bootstrapper.
May 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Nation. Five Years of Growth in Online Learning.
May 13, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com I Am Fresno State.
Good example of the use of a video contest on YouTube helping to promote Fresno State.
May 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com "Social (Media) Butterfly" Ohio State's Use of Social Media.
May 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Australia: First University YouTube Channel. University World News.
May 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Voltaire Wasn't Cut Out to be an Iowa State TA. Inside Higher Ed.
May 12, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Advancement Services.
Lots of new jobs on the job board.
May 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Donations Matching Programs in the UK.
May 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Social Networks: A Developing Tool for Alumni Associations.
May 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blogs and Wikis and 3D, Oh My! Inside Higher Ed.
May 9, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Advertisements.
Baylor University, Southern Methodist, 2, 3, University of Texas at Dallas.
More e-solicitations.
May 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested.
Paid advertising in Higher Ed print and electronic pubs.
May 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Suggest a Mascot. Roanoke College.
May 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Challenge fundraising. The Lenfest Challenge for Endowed Professorships.
May 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com How to Construct Your Privacy Policy. Direct Marketing Association.
May 8, 08

Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Philanthropy 101.
Getting an "A" is as simple as ... From the Manchester College giving page.

May 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Relations on Facebook. facebook.
May 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Manitoba Teen Charged With Facebook Impersonation. Globe and Mail.
May 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Marketers Must Harness the Power of Social Media: Study. CNW Group.
May 7, 08 TicketPrinting.ComSupportingadvancement.com Charity Badge Success.
Charity badge campaigns have the potential to be incredible fundraising mechanisms if successful but are also susceptible to failure if they are not properly implemented. TicketPrinting.Com.
May 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Making Wikis Work for Scholars. Inside Higher Ed.
May 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Net Squared. Remixing the Web for Social Change.
May 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Show & tell: Series of Webinars from NTEN Partners.
May 6, 08 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com Using a Consultant.
Article with some tips and tricks on choosing a systems consultant to help with your data conversion efforts. Ron Coscia.
May 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Advancement Services: A New Day a New Way. Be the Change.
May 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Will web analytics change the world of business? DMReview.Com.
May 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Weak Dollar Leads to Higher Study Abroad Prices. Houston Chronicle.
May 5, 08 iModulesSupportingadvancement.com Leveraging Facebook.
he meteoric rise of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace has excited the interest of affinity marketing professionals with the prospect of marketing products, services and causes to these rapidly growing, highly targetable user bases. However, our research indicates this opportunity should be approached with guarded enthusiasm – especially when targeting audiences outside the core 18-25 year old demographic that has epitomized the adoption of these products. Further it is by no means the panacea for engaging an audience.
May 5, 08 Survey Help RequestedSupportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested.
Our business is highly dependent on what software we're using. We're all doing more with less and require our systems to do more for us. Are we getting the software we need to manage and run our organizations? Here's a chance to compare satisfaction levels on how our software is supporting our program areas and future directions.
Online version. Print version. More surveys.
May 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Search for Grants. Bank of America.
May 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Face Value. News about fundraising and alumni relations from the web.
May 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Teen Social Networking Still Growing. eMarketer.
May 2, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com New Samples Added.
Envelope and letter from Jim Napier at Murray State University. More samples.
May 2, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
Long time benefactor and alumnus David Rockefeller has pledged $100 million to Harvard University to increase learning opportunities for undergraduates through international experiences and participation in the arts.
April 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com More Colleges Make Consumer Information Public. USA Today.
April 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Easy to Use Undergraduate Course Catalog. University of Richmond.
April 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Reasons for using HTML emails.
May 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com cicicrm. Open Source Constituent Relationship Management Software.
May 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Validation for RateMyProfessors.com? Inside Higher Ed.
May 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Teens do not consider a lot of their electronic texts as writing. Pew/Internet.
May 1, 08

Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested. Planned Giving Best Practices: Face-to-Face Visits.

April 2008
April 30, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Campaign, 2.
Testimonials from faculty and staff at Kent State University. More e-solicitations.
April 29, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Job Descriptions.
Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Special Events, Director of Annual Giving. 2. More job descriptions.
April 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Viewbook. Northwest University School of Law.
April 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com MySpace Best Practices. DIOSA Communications.
April 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com How to Survive PR 2.0. Karine Joly. collegewebeditor.com.
April 28, 08 Canadian FundraiserSupportingadvancement.com Giving Circles.
Giving circles continue to increase in numbers and impact on the voluntary sector.
Canadian FundRaiser.
April 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New Facebook Tool Measures Writing on Wall. The Facebook Blog.
April 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Fighting Gossip with Graphics. Inside Higher Ed.
April 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Reel Influence. Your Future. Your Vision. Your Video. Student Videos.
April 25, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com e-Brief 2007.
Advertised reunion in a creative way and also encouraged alumni to give. The design of the piece mimics a brochure online with post-it notes prominently displayed to remind alumni of their reunion “to-do” list. In addition to the giving button, UVA used two famous alumni to help increase involvement with the Alumni Association. Pictures from days long ago combined with pictures of today help this piece appeal to all alumni attending the upcoming reunion. MainSpring Media Communications, Inc. More e-solicitations.
April 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Hey, You! Pay Attention! U Chicago Law School Blocks Internet in Class.
April 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The World's 75 Best Hedge Funds. Barrons.
April 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Site that maps connections. Salesview.
April 24, 08 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts.
Luggage Tag Employment Data Collection Sample, Matching Gift E-Mail, Matching Gift Publication Language.
More matching gifts.
April 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com With Parents - Online Parent Newsletter. Loyola College in Maryland.
April 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Virtual College Hopping. Entertaining Blog Entry.
April 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com More than 10 Billion Videos Viewed in February. Comscore.
April 23, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Interview Questions.
Set of standard interview questions to help guide the interview and the interview process. More employment.
April 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube Promo Videos. Lynchburg College.
April 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Parent Connection. Parent Newsletter. Franklin College.
April 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Fund Information for Students. UNC Chapel Hill.
April 22, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Thank You.
You made a gift and here is the impact of your gift. Thanksgiving piece for Boston College thanking donors for their gifts. More e-solicitations.
April 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com How Collaboration Can Unlock Affinity. Matt Frazier.
April 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com MySpace. USC Aiken Alumni.
April 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Learning Trends. The MASIE Center. Learning Lab & ThinkTank.
April 21, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com More YouTube.
Kettering University YouTube Page. Kettering Video Zone from web site. University of South Carolina, Aiken. My USC Aiken - Videos direct to facebook group where students can upload their own.
April 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com UNH: Fundraiser Misspoke About Goal. UnionLeader.Com.
April 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Yahoo, MySpace and Google Get Social. Business Week.
April 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Volunteer Signup Page. Hofstra University.
April 18, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Salary Survey.
HigherEdJobs releases salary survey results for higher education. Sell also the CASE compensation survey.
April 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Me Too Campaign. Duke University.
April 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Choosing Bulk Email Software to Manage Your Communication Goals.
April 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Colleges Struggle With Privacy Laws. The Seattle Times.
April 17, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Get Away From Your Parents.
New Zealand is being promoted as the education destination of choice for young couples keen to move away from the watchful eye of their parents. Young Asian students attempt to rendezvous in a spa pool, in a restaurant and at the front door. If only their parents didn’t interfere…
April 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com MySpace Impact Awards. MySpace.
April 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Winner: Only One University of New Brunswick facebook Contest.
April 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Social Web: Academic Zoning Rules. Campus Technology.
April 16, 08 RecordsSupportingadvancement.com File Sharing with Groups.
Good article from Idealware on various options for sharing files with groups that need to collaborate on information.
April 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Student Giving Campaign on Facebook. (You'll need to log in.)
April 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook Page. University of California, Davis. (You'll need to log in.)
April 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Getting to Know Your Online Donors Can Pay Off. Peter Wylie.
April 15, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Why do you believe?
To advance knowledge, to education, commitment to our military, provide for family. We need all of you to help Old Dominion succeed.
More e-solicitations.
April 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com University of Minnesota's Cancer Center Receives $65 Million Donation.
April 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Number of Social Networking Users Doubles in Latin America in 2007.
April 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook Launches Chat. Inside Facebook.
April 14, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Giving.
Good web site with a number of videos showing the value of faculty staff giving at University of Wisconsin-Parkside.
April 14, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com In Memory Donations Pages.
Wilfred Laurier University sets up tribute donations site with guestbook.
April 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com At Least 86 Campuses Hit in E-Mail Phishing Scam. Chronicle.
April 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Couple Donate $25M to Princeton. the Times.
April 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Seattle University Starts $160 Million Fundraising Campaign.
April 11, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Interesting Job.
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Services. Chapel Hill, NC.
April 11, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com E-Commerce.
Good presentation by Troy Boroughs on issues involved in campus wide e-commerce.
April 11, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
Gift enriches two campuses. Tufts, Lesley universities will split a $272m trust.
April 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Purdue Lunches $304 Million Campaign for Student Aid. jconline.com.
April 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Colleges and Universities MySpace.
April 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Nonprofit Organizations MySpace.
April 10, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Tomorrow Made Possible.
By the numbers. Good use of statistics to build case and awareness for giving to Gonzaga University.
More e-solicitations.
April 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com US News Adds Surveys That Could Alter Methodology. Inside Higher Ed.
April 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com New tool. Build Your Customers' Social Technographics Profile.
April 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com More Colleges Make Consumer Information Public. USA Today.
April 9, 08 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Matchmaker, Matchmaker.
Charities are working hard to compete for a smaller pot of dollars from companies that match employee donations.
More on matching gifts.
April 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Interesting Job.
Director of Diversity in Annual Giving, Chapel Hill, NC.
April 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com iThinkEd. Technology and Devices Blog for Education.
April 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Connect. Hofstra University Volunteer Page.
April 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Can We Tape? Practical guide to taping phone calls.
April 8, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com More Senior Class Giving.
Senior Class Brochure, Senior Class Letter, Senior Class handbook. Rebecca Bramlett.
More samples.
April 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Professionals for Non Profits Salary Survey Results.
April 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Principles of Beautiful HTML Email. SitePoint.
April 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Innovate. Journal of Online Education Innovations.
April 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Elite Colleges Reporting Record Lows in Admission. New York Times.
April 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Documenting China's Higher Ed Explosion. Insider Higher Ed.
April 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com UK Student Numbers 'set to fall'. BBC News.
April 7, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Role of Advancement.
Conceptual diagram on what is the role of the University Advancement. Mike Westfall.
April 4, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Senior Class Giving.
Senior Class Brochure, Senior Class Letter, Senior Class Poster.
Rebecca Bramlett.
More samples.
April 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Cities in Crisis - A Special Analytic Report on High School Graduation.
April 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook on 1 Million Blackberries, 16% Login Daily. Inside Facebook.
April 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Waterloo Raises $100 Million in Private Donations.
April 3, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Highlander Spirit.
Remember and appreciate the past to ensure the future. 25th anniversary of athletics at the New Jersey Institute of technology.
More e-solicitations.
April 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Student Videos Build the Brand. University of Southern Mississippi.
April 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Digital Viewbook. University of South Carolina, Aiken.
April 3, 08` Supportingadvancement.com My New Haircut - Ranstey's School Edition. UNB.
April 2, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Job Descriptions Added.
Biographical Records Supervisor, Director of Advancement Services, 2, Training Specialist. More job descriptions.
April 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Student Videos Build the Brand. University of Southern Mississippi.
April 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers.
April 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Australia Plans Major Higher Education Review.
April 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
The University of Texas school of music has received a gift of $55 million from two Austin arts patrons in what is believed to be the largest single music school gift at a public university.
April 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Contributions to Colleges and Universities Up by 6.3%. CAE.
April 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Private Colleges Proliferating, Worldwide. Inside Higher Ed.
April 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Diagnosis Wenckebach. Medical Students at University of Alberta.
March 2008
March 31, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Spreading the Wealth.
The year 2008 appears to have picked up right where we left off at the end of 2007, a year that may go down in history as the most generous expression of philanthropy known to mankind. By my estimations there were more than $4 billion in named gifts made in the last calendar year. That’s amazing!
Provided by Terry Burton from Dig in Research.
March 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Tubs Tied Together in Refocused Fundraising Plan. The Harvard Crimson.
March 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Defaulting Donor or Unresponsive Donor. Inside Higher Ed.
March 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Laptop Ban: It's Not Just for Classrooms Anymore.
March 28, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Save the Date.
e-Solicitations are a cost-effective way to augment your fundraising program, especially for donor acquisition—the most costly dollar to raise.
Matt Frazier, founder and CEO of Pursuant, will share how dynamic animated e-Solicitations engage new and younger donors in a way not possible through any other channel.
March 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Volunteer Opportunities. University at Albany.
March 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Data Security Top Tech Issue for Colleges. USA Today.
March 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Professor as Open Book. New York Times.
March 27, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Power of e-Fundraising.
Presentation on some aspects of e-fundraising. Additional
handout for presentation. Kennedy Kipps.
March 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Wrestling with Facebook Options? Academica Group.
March 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com University of Montreal Video Contest Finalists.
March 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Gift Pages. Earlham College.
March 26, 08 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Soliciting Matching Gifts.
Responsibilities for the mechanics of data maintenance and acquisition, asking for matching gifts, pledge collection and follow-up (both with individuals and organizations), corporate agents, alumni events within organizations and other aspects of matching gifts typically cross many program areas in a development office. More matching gifts.
March 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Integration of Slide Show into Online Magazine. University of St. Thomas.
March 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Money Buys Happiness When You Spend on Others.
March 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Recognize Internet Addition as a Mental Illness. Ottawa Citizen.
March 25, 08 Bentz Whaley FlessnerSupportingadvancement.com Podcast.
Scott Fendley talks with Jon Thorsen, Director of Advancement Services at The Nature Conservancy, about strategic planning for advancement services. From Bentz Whaley Flessner.
March 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Association of Advancement Services Professionals. New Website.
March 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking Articles. techsoup.
March 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Ryerson Student Won't be Expelled Over facebook Group. CTV.ca.
March 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Virginia Tech. Pushing Aside the Tears to Get the Job Done.
March 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com facebook page. Framingham State College.
March 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Study Together. Share Without Limits. Studygroups.
March 21, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com More e-solicitations.
The First Time I Saw Front Quad - Alumnae thank you. Where Would You Be Without Hollins? Every gift counts. Hollins University.
March 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Google Launches Portal for Nonprofits.
March 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Google Grants Blog.
March 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Eastern Washington University 125 Anniversary Site.
March 20, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Naming Trends.
Presentation on some emerging trends in naming opportunities. Provided by Terry Burton from Dig in Research.
March 20, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Updated.
What is the average cost per dollar raised? More questions and answers on the FAQ.
March 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Using Google Checkout for Donations. idealware.
March 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Using Wikis for Internal Documentation. idealware.
March 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Having a Team Meeting in Second Life. Tom Werner.
March 19, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Transform a Life.
You can change a life. It is our experience and ability to learn that dictates who we are today. Your gift can transform a life. Davenport University.
More e-solicitations.
March 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Population Shift Sends Universities Scrambling. washingtonpost.com.
March 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Universities Debate Academic Sanctions for Internet Antics. National Post.
March 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Student Documentaries. Bishop's University.
March 18, 08 RecordsSupportingadvancement.com Imaging Assessment.
A set of questions to help you assess your environment prior to the initiation of a document imaging project.
More document imaging.
March 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Princeton Hospital Getting $25 Million Donation. newsday.com.
March 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Top Trends in Email Design for 2008. Emma.
March 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Switch to Google E-mail Saves Resources, Raises Privacy Concerns.
March 17, 08 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com New Book on Data Mining.
A collection of articles by Data Mining for Fund Raisers author Peter B. Wylie that illustrate practical ways to use statistical analysis and predictive modeling to improve fundraising results. Contains articles that have appeared on the CASE Network and in CURRENTS magazine, plus a new discussion on how to make the most of wealth screening.
March 17, 08 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts Practices.
We're asking for your help with the third annual matching gifts best practices survey. It has been
revised and upgraded to allow a greater depth and breadth of details for analysis including questions on Matching Gift Stewardship. Contributed by Amy Phillips. Online version. Print version. More surveys.
March 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Ryerson Student Cheered at Facebook Expulsion Hearing. Globe and Mail.
March 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Map. Oakland University.
March 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The More You Learn, The Longer You Live. Bloomberg.
March 14, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Thanksgiving.
Reflecting on what we are truly grateful for. Every sister, past, present and future is a true jewel. Your generosity helps us all.
More e-solicitations.
March 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Gift Page. Murray State University.
March 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Memorial Pages. Saint Mary's College of California, Earlham.
March 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com CharityChannel Rolls Out New Website.
March 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Response to Endowment Questions.
MIT Announces Need-Based Financial Aid Plan University of Michigan Defends Use of Endowment, Full Response to Senate Finance Committee, Stanford Drops Tuition for Some Students, Colleges Uneasy About Harvard's Deal on Tuition, Colleges Guard Soaring Endowments, Pricing the Product.
March 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com facebook page. UT Dallas Alumni.
March 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Internet Users Think It's All About Them. eMarketer.
March 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Updated site with dynamic video. Fanshawe College.
March 12, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Online Strategies.
A number of presentations on various aspects of online strategies. Once Is Not Enough, Powerful Ideas. Powerful Language, Reading Between the Lines. Kennedy Kipps.
March 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Blog + Magazine = Online Magazine. Mount Holyoke.
March 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Giving USA Foundation Photo Contest.
March 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Save the dates! Heard it Through the Grapevine. CCAE Conference.
March 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking Analysis.
HEP has released a new tool that
surveys your constituent's presences in various social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and a number of others. The results present a detailed analysis of the presence statistics. Here are a series of such reports. Email Longevity, Site Usage Analysis, Profiles with Widgets, Domain Name Analysis, Demographic Summary, Age Analysis.
March 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The 2008 Horizon Report. New Media Consortium.
March 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Fundraising Donation Pages and Forms. Alan Sharpe.
March 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Plans for 20 New University Towns in the UK. guardian.co.uk.
March 10, 08 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples and More.
Holiday Greeting with Choir. Email that went out directing recipients to card. Faculty staff challenge solicitation letter, faculty staff thank you letter. More samples. Jim Napier.
March 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com What Makes a Performance Dashboard? Data Warehouse Institute.
March 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Study Says Gifts of Stock Precede Sharp Price Dips. New York Times.
March 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Alumnae Chapters Handbook. Hollins University.
March 7, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Old 97.
Band recording new record talks about performing at a benefit concert for cystic fibrosis.
More e-solicitations.
March 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com What Makes a Performance Dashboard? Data Warehouse Institute.
March 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Cartoons. Higher Ed and K-12.
March 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com NCPG Guidelines for Reporting and Counting Charitable Gifts.
March 6, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Alumni Engagement Matrix.
Conceptual diagram showing Advancement focus areas with accountabilities.
Mike Westfall.
March 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Is Web 2.0 'Designed for Education?' Campus Technology.
March 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Software Side of Fundraising Effectiveness. Tom Mills-Groninger.
March 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Save the dates. Cause Marketing Forum.
March 5, 08 TicketPrinting.ComSupportingadvancement.com Online Fundraising Part 6.
By tapping into cutting-edge online resources, your organization can achieve fundraising objectives that far exceed established boundaries. But what are these mysterious online tools and how do you put them to work for your organization? TicketPrinting.Com.
March 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blog amalgamating blogs. bloghighed.
March 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Sage Wiki Advice. 21 Days of Wiki Adoption Videos.
March 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 2008 Alumni Futures Innovation Award.
March 4, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Social Networking Part 2.
Part 2 of a presentation on the use of social networking and web 2.0 to engage young alumni. Lots more examples.
March 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Good example of the changing web. Get the Official Dilbert Widget.
March 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Virtual Tour. Rochester Institute of Technology.
March 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com eNewsletter and Archives. Lake E-effect. Oswego Alumni Association.
March 3, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Social Networking Part 1.
Part 1 of a presentation on the use of social networking and web 2.0 to engage young alumni. Lots of examples.
March 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Virtual Tour. Agnes Scott College.
March 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Stop Sharing Spreadsheets, Start Collecting Information. Google.
March 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Events Registration Resources. Certain Software.
February 2008
February 29, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Committing to the Future.
End of fiscal year piece that would serves two main purposes – to highlight different types of donors and to send the message that giving of any amount is important. The e-solicitation achieved an estimated completion rate of 18.2%. Mainspring Media Communications, Inc. More e-solicitations.
February 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0 Threats Loom Large for IT. Campus Technology.
February 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com College Building in Hamilton Gets Second Life in Online World.
February 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com eNewsletter and Archives. Penn State Dickinson Connection.
February 28, 08 More With LessSupportingadvancement.com Audit Preparation.
Preparing to do an audit of an advancement services organization. Some tips and tricks.
February 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blackbaud Improves and Releases New Forums. Blackbaud.
February 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com ConCordiaPix. Concordia University Photo Contest on Flickr.
February 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Evaluating Your RE System. (Registration required.) Heller Consulting.
February 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube campaign. Edge 'Another Way Forward' Advertisement.
February 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com NACUBO Endowment Studies. NACUBO.
February 27, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Value Portal.
Presentation on web strategies from the CASE Online Strategies Conference. Mike Westfall.
February 27, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Data Breaches Hit More Campuses. Inside Higher Ed.
February 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Charities Vow to Fight Proposed Cutes in Federal Budget.
February 26, 08 Supportingadvancement.com IRS Warns of Scam Targeting Charities. The NonProfit Times.
February 26, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com State of the Industry.
Blackbaud has conducted its State of the Nonprofit Industry Survey annually for the past four years in order to compile and provide an overview of information that can help nonprofits better benchmark their operations. Three separate surveys were launched in three geographic areas: North America, the United Kingdom, and Asia-Pacific.
February 25, 08

BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Student Experience.
Encouragement: Putting People Over the Top.

February 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Save the Dates.
5th Northeast Annual Giving conference being held at Union College in Schenectady on March 19, 2008.
February 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Multi-University Channel Launched on YouTube. Think ResearchChannel.
February 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Time to Tax Harvard. Boston Herald.
February 25, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Sonico: The Biggest Social Networking Site You're Never Heard Of.
February 22, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Happy New Year.
Reflections on what's truly important, family, friends and the next game. Good contrast of music and themes in a traditional greeting. More e-solicitations. The State of Pursuant. Message from CEO Matt Frazier on what's next.
February 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Wealth Gap Growing Bigger Among American Colleges.
February 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Rise in Overseas Applicants. guardian.co.uk.
February 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Save the dates. Higher Education Web Symposium.
February 21, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Interviewing.
We get busy, we have a pile of 100 resumes to go through, we’re down a position and we don’t really have time to do this. After looking at cover letter 100 talking about what a great opportunity --- how motivated --- pleased --- excited, during an already busy day, well --- you understand. More employment.
February 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Donations Are Up, But Not From Alumni. Inside Higher Ed.
February 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 2008 Annual Giving Salary Survey.
February 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Predicting the Fire Hose? A sampling of Predictions.
February 20, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Online Strategies.
Presentations from Kennedy Kipps, Director of Communications of the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia.
February 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com How marketing strategies can enhance planned giving programs.
February 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Random Thoughts on Marketing, Tech and Life. Mike Mccamon.
February 20, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Evaluation Survey. Chapman Alumni Association.
February 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Dues.
The impact of association status--either dues or non dues paying alumni association--on the overall university-alumni relationship. Philip Poe.
February 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Higher Ed Facebook Applications. collegewebeditor.com.
February 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Is Mobile Fundraising the Next Frontier for Charities?
February 19, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking Becoming Old Technology. The NonProfit Times.
February 18, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com E-solicitations & Video.
California Lutheran University - Alumni Association Happy Holidays, Concordia College - Holiday Greetings, Ferris State University - Imagine More, Hamilton College - Annual Fund, Lehigh University - Happy Holidays, North Central College - Happy Holidays, Sewanee - Links to Flash pieces, SMU -
4 ways to get a tax write deduction for the holiday season. UVA - The Barber Challenge. More e-solicitations.
February 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com University and College Webmasters on Ning.
February 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com UWebD Roundtable Discussions. Social Networking.
February 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com College Life. Livevideou.com.
February 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com I'll Bet You Made That Yourself. University Business.
February 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter for Academia. academHack.
February 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Using Twitter in the Classroom. Chronicle of Higher Education.
February 15, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Web 2.0 Survey Results.
What are you doing with Web 2.0 survey results are now available. See what others are doing with Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and other web 2.0 technologies. Includes links to examples and a separate "handout" with some resource sites. More surveys.
February 14, 08 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Benchmarking.
Best benchmarking and reporting practices are critical to measurement of the ongoing performance of matching gift performance processes whether or not you even have a formal matching gift program in place. More matching gifts.
February 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube. Butlerbloggers. Butler University.
February 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Billions of Online Videos Watched in December. BizReport.
February 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Universities Urged to be More Open. guardian.co.uk.
February 13, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Official Content.
Excited that your alumni will get to watch your campaign video online? Don't be too sure that they'll want to. From Alumni Futures. More blogs.
February 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Learning to Raise Money - As an Administrator. Inside Higher Ed.
February 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com US Universities Becoming a Major Export. Boston.Com.
February 13, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook Releases Site in Spanish: German and French to Follow.
February 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Online Reputation Lookup. RepLeaf.
February 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Blog. On Social marketing and Social Change.
February 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 10 Easy-to-Use Photo Sharing and Slideshow Websites.
February 12, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Ideas.

Brown Grad Libs.
Break out the thesaurus, get creative, and write your own personal Brown story.

Internet 2. NWS is pioneering the application of this technology to enable advanced music programs from these universities to join in the remote exchange of masterclasses, seminars, rehearsals and symposia.
February 11, 08 RecordsSupportingadvancement.com ECM.
Many advancement/development shops have started electronic imaging, but fewer have initiated and implemented electronic content management software (ECM). This really needs to be the next stage of your imaging strategy. More records.
February 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com May All Your Messages Be Sticky. Academica Group.
February 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com House Approves Higher Education Act.
February 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Students Grade Their Schools - Maclean's 2008 Student Issue.
February 8, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com GWU E-solicitations.
Fiscal year end showing impact gifts can have on ambitions and dreams. 18.4% clicked through. It achieved a 3% completion rate to giving buttons and 18% completion on all buttons. Many Faces. Show alumni how GWU is a community mainstay through  involvement of students. Achieved 4.7% completion rate to giving buttons and 17.4% completion rate to all buttons. Thank You Email. 5.7% click through rate to any button in the email. Mainspring Media Communications, Inc. More e-solicitations.
February 8, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Alumni Segmentation.
Student experiences differ widely from campus to campus and over time. It is vitally important to understand these differences when communicating with or trying to engage alumni.
Philip Poe.
February 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Foundations and Fund Raising Search Engine. E-Democracy.Org.
February 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Orange Grove Bricks Campaign. Syracuse University.
February 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Heard the latest about Podcasting? eMarketer.
February 6, 08 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Performance.
Set of various metrics for development performance. Use as a basis for helping to evaluate your program. Amy Phillips.
February 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The 5% Non-Solution. Inside Higher Ed.
February 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com In Summer, Hitting the Books, Not Just the Beach. New York Times.
February 6, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Low Cost Constituent Databases. Philanthropy News Digest.
February 5, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff E-Solicitation.
Passion, dedication, purpose, give to the faculty staff campaign and the campus community from Old Dominion University.
More e-solicitations.
February 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Information theft 38,000 individuals at Georgetown University.
February 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Whinge Factor Puts Off Donors. The Australian.
February 5, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Company that helps produce school histories.
February 4, 08 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Magazine Content.
A preliminary Study of how much alumni magazine space is allocated to the topics and issues alumni say are important to them as they determine the current value of the degree they earned from their alma mater. Philip Poe.
February 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion Web Site. University of Michigan.
February 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com  Alumni Volunteering. California Institute of Technology.
February 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com University of Manitoba Students Disciplined for Cyberbullying.
February 1, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Student Thank You.
Thanking donors for support that sets the university apart. Student tells the store of how she was helped to achieve her goals. More e-solicitations.
February 1, 08 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Blog: Data Mining Resources.
A number of links to resources on data mining which where shared on the Prospect-DMM Listserv.
February 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Internet Groups Forging a Community of Charity. CNN.com.
February 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com For Modern Kids 'Philanthropy' is No Grown Up Word. Washington Post.
February 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Creative Video Contest Launched. University of Montreal.
February 1, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Channel. Columbia College video page.
January 2008
January 31, 08 TicketPrinting.ComSupportingadvancement.com Online Fundraising Part 5.
By tapping into cutting-edge online resources, your organization can achieve fundraising objectives that far exceed established boundaries. But what are these mysterious online tools and how do you put them to work for your organization? TicketPrinting.Com.
January 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Charity Begins in Washington. New York Times.
January 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com UWO Students Donate $100 Million. Western News.
January 31, 08 Supportingadvancement.com  Who's Watching User Generated Video. eMarketer.
January 30, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Student Speaks.
Emory University student speaks to us directly in an e-solicitation that combines "live" video with a traditional approach.
MainSpring Media Communications, Inc. More e-solicitations.
January 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Harvard, Yale Quizzed About Endowment Spending. Bloomberg.com.
January 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Data Security: 13 Breaches Reported This Month. Campus Technology.
January 30, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 4 Billion Dollar Endowment Proposed for New York Higher Education.
January 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Save the Dates.
The upcoming two-day APRA Summit on Prospect Data Mining and Modeling, April 3–4, 2008, in Nashville, Tennessee, is the year’s best opportunity to interact with prospect researchers and analysts engaged at the cutting edge of the advancement research field.
January 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Endowment letters sent to 136 colleges from Senate Finance Committee.
January 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Background Information on Endowments. CASE.
January 29, 08 Supportingadvancement.com  Legislative Updates on Endowments and the Finance Committee. CASE.
January 28, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com The Ryerson Difference.
Practical hands on programs lead to successful students. The Ryerson difference is people. More e-solicitations.
January 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Best practices. Email Marketing Statistics and Metrics. EmailLabs.
January 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Time Capsule. The Crypt of Civilization at Oglethorpe University.
January 28, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Students Flocking to Online Study. seattlepi.com.
January 24, 08 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Report Conversions.
Reporting is the most intensive and difficult part of any system conversion. You need to carefully manage the process to be able respond to your user community’s needs while still making progress.
January 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Endowment Spending Rate Drops Sharply. Inside Higher Ed.
January 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Just How Dominant is MySpace? eMarketer.
January 24, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Audience for Video Sharing Sites Nearly Doubles. BizReport.
January 23, 08 Telemarketing and TelefundSupportingadvancement.com Enhance Your Telefund.
Good example of a caller evaluation form contributed by Mark Hanlon. More on the employment page.
January 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Reshaping Altruism. MSNBC.
January 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Pixelanthropy Takes on Second Life. MSNBC.
January 23, 08 Supportingadvancement.com On Ning. Uwebd.
January 22, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Holiday Greeting.
Reflect on the many blessings bestowed on us, you are part of our success. Brooke J. Ellis.
January 22, 08

Supportingadvancement.com Predictions. 2008 Marketing Trends. 2008 Web Trends.

January 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 2008 Microsoft Consumer Electronics Show Keynote with Bill Gates.
January 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Google's Philanthropic Initiatives. Wall Street Journal.
January 22, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Life after graduation. College Transition Times.
January 21, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested.
What are you doing with Web 2.0 and other “new” technologies such as Facebook, MySpace and others. The survey should only take a few minutes of your time. Online version. Print version.
More surveys.
January 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Save the Dates.
Feb. 15, APRA Illinois, July 21-23 2008edu Web
January 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Accountability Changes Philanthropic Landscape. Michael L. Wyland.
January 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com University of Phoenix. Apollo Group Ordered to Pay $280M.
January 21, 08 Supportingadvancement.com 2007 The Year in Review. Academica Group.
January 18, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Do You Bleed ...
Do you bleed black and gold? Good use of athletics theme to help emphasize core values. Up tempo. More e-solicitations.
January 18, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Innovate.
Good resources site with lots of information on online education.
January 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Web Metrics. Top 10 Most Overused in 2007. Influential Marketing Blog.
January 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Web Metrics. Top 10 Most Underappreciated in 2008.
January 18, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Statistics. Some interesting white papers. Statistica.
January 17, 08 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Data Warehouse Tables.
Some ideas for tables that you can use in your advancement/development data warehouse.
More reporting and data warehouse resources.
January 17, 08 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements.
Leaders of Oral Roberts University voted unanimously Monday to accept a $62 million donation from an Oklahoma City businessman that will help alleviate debt.
January 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Mega-Gifts in American Philanthropy.
January 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Updated Guidelines on Political Campaign Related Activities. ACE.
January 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Admissions Anxiety, With a Twist. New York Times.
January 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion Videos. Hamilton College.
January 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Podcasts. Berkeley School of Journalism.
January 17, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Instant Messaging. Ask a librarian. Union Institute and University.
January 16, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com St. Louis University.
End of Calendar 2007, Graduation May 2007, End of Calendar Year 2006. Amanda Rainey. More details on these on the e-solicitations page.
January 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Coming Soon.
Valentine Card
. Valentine Response. Valentine Card Cost Analysis. Rendi Hahn. Valentine Card. Syracuse University.
January 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com A Charitable Divide. Chronicle of Philanthropy.
January 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube Channel. Acadia University.
January 16, 08 Supportingadvancement.com NCAA Approves Program to Allow Canadian Schools in E-11.
January 15, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com More Holiday Greetings.
Pfeiffer University, University of Akron, University of Maryland, Snowman Builder from the University of Waterloo. Special holiday greeting from the Pursuant Group.
January 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Use of Video Sharing Sites Soars in US. Pew/Internet.
January 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Northwest Research Blog. Maryrose Larkin.
January 15, 08 Supportingadvancement.com The Five Dirty Secrets of Capital Campaigns. ChangingOurWorld, Inc.
January 14, 08 Policies and ProceduresSupportingadvancement.com Counting Standards Changes.
CASE is asking for your comments on the new recommendations which
have been shared with the CASE Commission on Philanthropy as well as the CASE Board of Trustees’ Committee on the Profession, and are now being released to the CASE membership for public comment prior to consideration by the CASE Board of Trustees at its March 2008 meeting.
January 14, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Holiday Greetings.
Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Concordia College, Concordia University, Hamilton College, Manchester College, Temple University, The Wittenberg Fund (Good integration of holiday greeting with YouTube), University of Chicago Law School, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. (Card combined with ask.)
January 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Battle of the Higher Ed Systems. boston.com.
January 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Duke Endowment Gives $40 Million for New Faculty Positions at Duke.
January 14, 08 Supportingadvancement.com First Francophone member of iTunes. University of Montreal.
January 11, 08 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Final Campaign Report.
A final campaign report for institutional governance requires special considerations. By providing direction and ideas to advancement management on the format and structure, you can help plan the development and implementation of this important strategic document.
January 11, 08 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Favourite Reports.
Data Mining - Alumni Travel Programs and Giving, Graduate Solicitation Analysis, Volunteers and Giving.
More favourites.
January 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Why Donating Millions is Hard to Keep Secret. The Wall Street Journal.
January 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Released in beta. Big Think. A YouTube for ideas.
January 11, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Big Think. New York Times Article.
January 10, 08 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Imagine Rhodes.
Remember your time at Rhodes. Campus, faculty, all those that shaped you. Now imagine Rhodes without you. Imagine Rhodes with your support. Rhodes College. More e-solicitations.
January 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Yale: More Funds for Student Aid. courant.com.
January 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Colleges Turn to Web Tools to Hunt for Students. boston.com.
January 10, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Interactive Map. Alumni Across the Nation. Morehead State University.
January 9, 08 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Changing BI Economics.
Business intelligence (BI) can be loosely defined as the ability to use decision support tools to do real-time information analysis in order to provide mission critical information to the organization.
More reporting.
January 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Best Practices for Non-profits Using Web 2.0. socialsignal.
January 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media.
January 9, 08 Supportingadvancement.com nptech. Tag at del.icio.us.
January 8, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com University of Waterloo.
Thank you holiday greeting with presidential and student messages. Good examples of specific targeting using different academic leaders to give specific messages. Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mathematics, Renison College, St. Jerome's University, St. Paul's College. Thanks to John Heckbert for forwarding.
January 8, 08 Like MindedSupportingadvancement.com CASE Currents.
A number of good articles on international opportunities in the January 08 issues. Note article by Krista Slade referring to the Asian American Philanthropy Group's web site. Krista's blog - Advancing in Asia Pacific. More blogs.
January 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Impact Report. University of Pittsburgh Alumni Association.
January 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Are You Suffering From Socialnetworkitis? onlineSpin.
January 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Content management software comparisons. CMS Matrix.
January 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Consortium of UK Universities. The Russell Group.
January 8, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign site. Fresno State.
January 7, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Boston College Is ...
Thank you piece from Boston College with link to donor honor roll and update to alumni record. More e-solicitations.
January 7, 08 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Complete the Puzzle.
Milton Academy interactive flash piece where you can complete the puzzle to see the impact of different levels of annual fund giving the school.
January 7, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Power of Participation.
site that tracks young alumni annual giving participation challenge, with up-to-date results, donors, polling and more.
January 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Holiday Card. Holiday card from Marietta College.
January 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Participation and Annual Giving.
Presentation by Bob Burdenski on participation and annual giving.
January 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Teens Primed for Mobile Social Networks. eMarketer.
January 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Forms Cabinet. University of Alberta Advancement Services.
January 7, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Sudden Departure at Deep Springs. Inside Higher Ed.
January 4, 08 TicketPrinting.ComSupportingadvancement.com Online Fundraising Part 4.
By tapping into cutting-edge online resources, your organization can achieve fundraising objectives that far exceed established boundaries. But what are these mysterious online tools and how do you put them to work for your organization? TicketPrinting.Com.
January 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Will Alberta's energy boom revolutionize higher education? Globe & Mail.
January 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Virtual World Training Series. University of Illinois.
January 4, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Optimize graphics for web sites. graphicsoptimization.com.
January 3, 08 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Philanthropic Best Practices.
Presentation from the CASE Online Strategies conference by Mike Westfall.
January 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Some Universities Starting Their Own K-12 Schools. LoHud.com.
January 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Get Ahead -- Don't Dread Your Performance Review. Salary.com.
January 3, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Survey of IRA Distributions to Charities. NCPG.
January 2, 08 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gift Lookups.
Examples of matching gift lookup pages from universities, other non-profits and other schools on the matching gifts page.
January 2, 08

Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com News and Events.
Good example of integration of Dickinson's News and Events Page and YouTube Channel.

January 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Donors Pull Back Millions When Coach Leaves. Chronicle of Philanthropy.
January 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Resources, newsletter and more. ePolicy Institute.
January 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook 'Is' No Longer. MSNBC.
January 2, 08 Supportingadvancement.com Happy New Year.
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