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Pledge Card - Pennsylvania College of Technology
Purpose: For recording gift information.
Used by: Donors and fundraising staff. Advancement services and gift processing.
Contributed by ...
James Finkler, Annual Giving Officer, Pennsylvania College of Technology
Email AddressJim Finkler is the first Annual Giving Officer at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA, Pennsylvania's premier technical college and an affiliate of Penn State University. Jim joined the Institutional Advancement Office in January 2001, after nearly 5 years as an admissions representative at Penn College, and nearly 11 years as a radio news reporter/anchor. He manages all annual giving programs at Penn College, which also counts as alumni the graduates of predecessor institutions Williamsport Technical Institute (1941-1965) and Williamsport Area Community College (1965-1989); serves as information coordinator for the Institutional Advancement Office; and assists the Alumni Relations Office by conducting the national/international search for about 10,000 lost alumni of Williamsport Technical Institute.

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