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We have recently undergone an entire re-development of our training program. We used to spend 10-12 hours presenting a PowerPoint and holding a 1 hour mock-calling session. Over the past year, we really felt this was too long and boring and that it resulted in new callers that weren't really ready for the phones. It was also quite obvious in their first few shifts that they could use more training focused on what they can expect when they get on the phones.

We do make sure they have an overview of how fundraising works at UBC but now place much more emphasis on training each of the 5 steps: intro, rapport, case, ask and close. Our new training program is broken up into 3 2 and 1.5-hour sessions followed by 4 hours of mock calling during shifts as well as on-shift campus call training. Before they start calling, we will be assessing them for competency so that when they actually start calling, they should be ready to perform. So far, we've had good feedback on this format. Our shift supervisors really like it and it's more fun to teach and to take part as there are some good excursuses too.  We haven't "graduated" anyone yet though so we still have yet to see how the end result turns out. I've attached a copy of our training outline.

On another note, while it is still a bit early to tell, I can say that so far, we've seen our credit card % rise to 50% on some shifts with the callers and supervisors attributing it to the new ask style: "make a gift of $250 on your credit card tonight?". We're sticking with it.

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John Foster, Development Officer - Phone, UBC Annual Giving, University of British Columbia
Email AddressJohn has worked with the UBC Annual Giving Phone Programs since December 2005. For more than 10 years John has been involved in non-profits with roles ranging from development coordinator to executive director. He has also held consulting positions with private sector firms supplying integrated non-profit solutions dealing with mobile payment solutions (www.auctionzoom.ca), high efficiency credit card processing, web and email solutions and donor databases and has worked with over 100 organizations to help them improve efficiency and accuracy in their fundraising efforts.

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