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  Training - Etiquette and Protocol Employment

We have a FUNDRAISING 101 overview and an ETIQUETTE AND PROTOCOL evening. The fund raising class goes over vocabulary that we want them all to have a good grasp on. Here are some examples: Advancement or Development, Calling
Officers, Capitol Project, Cultivation, Designated Gift, Endowment, In-Kind Gifts, Planned Giving or Deferred Giving etc. We list the words and provide definitions. Last year our Presidents wife led the Etiquette and Protocol  class with our Special Events Director. She opened her home and hosted a formal catered dinner so we could get "hands on" practice while they gave us a wealth of information. Attached you will find the agenda that we used for the evening. It was a lot of fun and the students indicated in the end of the year survey, that it was a highlight for them.

Contributed by ...
Rachel Ronning '99 Lindgren, Assistant Director of Alumni Development & Parent Relations, California Lutheran University
Email AddressSupportingadvancement.com Training - Etiquette and Protocol
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