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  Sample job descriptions and job description tips. Employment

 Technology and Information Systems Operations Manager

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  • The Technology and Information Systems Operations Manager (TISOM) administers and maintains information technology systems (including PC and LAN equipment).

  • Provides IT operations functions to offices for the organization’s standard hardware, software and voice/data network solutions.

  • Responsible for the purchase, installation, and life-cycle maintenance of PCs, servers and LAN network connectivity equipment.

  • As appropriate, provides escalated on-site support of hardware, software and network connectivity issues.

  • Acts as the primary point of communication between TIS and operating, business and functional units.

  • Performs local administration and operations functions as appropriate in accordance with standards, policies and procedures.

  • The position is supervised by the division Program Director of TIS Operations and has no direct reports.

  • The TISOM may coordinate and direct the activities of volunteers and staff (key users) in cross-organizational and cross-functional teams.


  • In cooperation with TIS, local operations staff and key users, provides strategic, budgeting and disaster recovery/businesscontinuity planning to offices and staff in multiple operating, business and functional units.
  • Responsible for local inventory maintenance and software license management.
  • Monitors security compliance in accordance with TIS standards, policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for maintenance of systems documentation such as TIS operations manuals.
  • Serves as the technical and communications liaison to and from stakeholders and office key users for TIS communications, initiatives, needs assessments, etc.
  • Responsible for procurement, installation and life-cycle maintenance of IT hardware and software (includes PCs, peripherals, servers, networking equipment, operating systems and other software
  • Provides new staff with PC/account setup and orientation.
  • Provides escalated technical support that requires an on-site presence (server, NAS, network or PC equipment failure), including data backup recovery. Performs complex software/hardware troubleshooting, patches and re-installations in cooperation with the Enterprise Helpdesk and in accordance with established SLAs.
  • Provides consulting/training/education services such as data management and staff training/orientation for standard systems.
  • Serves as the IT point of contact and accountable for the IT portion of new office setups, office expansions, etc. This includes relocation and/or installation of voice/data communications solutions, LAN and PC equipment.
  • Responsible for local IT vendor, contract and outsourcing management.
  • Performs appropriate duties associated with division and TIS project-based activities. Provides backup for other TIS Operations Managers in the region. With TIS, participates in the identification, development and communication of new technology standards and best practices as appropriate.
  • Responsible for monitoring data backups in offices to ensure that they are completed on a regular basis.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree and 3 to 5 years related experience or equivalent combination.
  • Professional certifications as appropriate.
  • Knowledge of current trends in the specific field.
  • Demonstrated experience with standard software applications, including MS Office, Windows. May require database management skills with ability to produce reports. Ability to use advanced computer functions including navigating the Internet.  Ability to manipulate, analyze and interpret data.
  • Familiarity with support and troubleshooting of personal computers.
  • Must have a strong dedication to customer service.
  • Training ability/experience a plus.


  • Analyze situations, evaluate alternatives, and implement solutions within standards (where applicable).
  • Interpret guidelines and analyze factual information to adapt or modify processes in response to changing circumstances.
  • Duties may require non-routine analysis, research and follow-through.
  • May act as a resource to others to solve problems.


  • Exercise independent judgment. Work affords significant opportunity to act independently on assigned tasks.
  • Duties are performed under minimal supervision.


  • Financial responsibility may include working within a budget to complete projects, negotiating and contracting with vendors, assisting with budget development, and meeting fundraising targets.
  • Purchase equipment and supplies as provided for in budget.


  • Work and communicate with a wide range of people – peers, vendors, the public, staff members including program leadership, and others.
  • Consistently demonstrate professional, positive, and approachable attitude/demeanor and discretion. Demonstrate sensitivity in handling confidential information.
  • Formulate and clearly communicate ideas to others.
  • Fluency in English and the primary language of the country or region supported.


  • Work requires ability to lift 30 to 50 pounds on a regular basis. Work may require moderate physical exertion and/or physical strain.
  • Willingness to work flexible hours.
  • Willingness and ability to travel 25% to 35% in both U.S. and non-U.S. locations, at times in remote or difficult areas.
  • Ability to work under stress during peak workload periods.
  • Work environment involves only infrequent exposure to disagreeable elements.
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