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We've provided these resources for over 10 years as a service to nonprofits.

Over the next year, we'll be moving content on this site to SupportingFundraising due to a major technology change and a rebranding exercise. Thanks in advance for your patience,
ideas and suggestions as we move forward.

Supportingadvancement.com Happy Holidays. Dec 19, 14
We'll be taking some time off for the holiday break and will be back in January 2015. Updates during the next two weeks will be posted on SupportingFundraising.com so check there for any news and updates. Job board will remain open.

Supportingadvancement.com Site Maintenance. Dec 17, 14
Over the next few days, we'll be moving this site over to a new server, so there may be times when it will be temporarily unavailable. Thanks for your patience during the move.

HEPSupportingadvancement.com Year-End Appeals. Dec 16, 14
Expert advice from the HEPdata blog on how to add revenue to year end appeals with matching gifts. More on matching gifts.

Supportingadvancement.com Santa Claus And Tableau. Dec 15, 14
In keeping with the season, fun post from Tableau Software on how Santa Claus uses Tableau. More on reporting and analytics.

Supportingadvancement.com Community. Dec 12, 14
Associations and communities of practice pages updated.

Supportingadvancement.com Blogs of Interest. Dec 11, 14
Blogs of Interest Page Updated.

Supportingadvancement.com Like Minded. Dec 10, 14
Like Minded page updated.

Supportingadvancement.com Listservs. Dec 9, 14
Listservs, Discussion Lists and Forums page updated.

Supportingadvancement.com Happy Vizmas. Dec 8, 14
From the Tableau Viz of the Day site, clicking on the tree ornaments displays one of the top visualizations.

Supportingadvancement.com New Jobs Posted. Dec 3, 14
Director of Prospect Research and Management for Fairfield University, Director of Prospect Research and Management for St. Mary's University and Assistant Director of Advancement Research and Prospect Management for Loyola University. Post your jobs for free. You'll have to register on the site and then register as an employer to post jobs.

Supportingadvancement.com Making a Difference. Dec 2, 14
Just 1 in 5 wealthy people think their gifts make a difference, study finds. What does this say about how we are asking and what our stewardship practices are?

Supportingadvancement.com Thanksgiving and Football. Nov 28, 14
Play with the visualization on the History of Thanksgiving Football from the Tableau Viz of The Day site. Itís worth it to subscribe to updates from the site if you arenít already.

Supportingadvancement.com Macbook Air Usabilty. Nov 27, 14
Saw this Macbook Air at a recent meeting. Having just made the plunge myself, I can understand the need to try to remember all the different keystrokes and short cuts.

Supportingadvancement.com New Job Board. Nov 25, 14
The new job board, with added functionality is now live. You'll have to register on the site and then register as an employer to post jobs.
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Young Alumni, Reasons to Give, Direct Mail, Engaging Alumni ...

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Like MindedLike Minded
Sites with resources run by individuals/consultants. Blogs.

Matching GiftsMatching Gifts
Best practices, matching gift survey, samples and more.

More With LessMore with Less
Budget Reduction, Cost Per $ Raised, Cost Savings ...

Associations and Communities of Practice.

Policies and ProceduresPolicies
Policies, procedures and more. Also check the Employment page.

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Web SightingsWeb Sightings
Rating Your Site, Sites for Web Development, Sample Web Forms ...

Ideas for Resources
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Ideas for resources you can add to this site. Contributors.
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