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Job Postings

ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Score Ships Tomorrow. Apr 24, 14
New CASE book on data driven success for your advancement team by Kevin MacDonnell and Peter Wiley. More on reporting and analytics.

EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com More Jobs. Apr 23, 14
Web Producer and Office Assistant for the University of San Francisco, Advancement Services Database Manager and Associate Director of Prospect Management and Research for the Art Center College of Design, Director of Application Support and Software Engineering for Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Associate Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations and Administrative Coordinator for Tufts University. Post your jobs for free by registering on the site.

Web Sightings
Supportingadvancement.com Updated. Apr 22, 14
Your website is possibly your best advertising strategy for your business. Hopefully, your advertising campaigns and search engine results will bring web surfers straight to your site’s landing page. How do you know that your methods are working, though? Contributed by Sam Mauzy. More web sightings.

HEPSupportingadvancement.com Building Matching. Apr 17, 14
When asked to share elements of our matching gift program, I always emphasize our most basic strategies: providing excellent donor stewardship and customer service, and educating on-campus and off-campus constituents. More on matching gifts.

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Campaigns. Apr 16, 14
A seven-year fundraising drive by Penn State has topped the $2 billion mark, making it one of only 12 such campaigns by public universities to pass the milestone.

ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Lost Alumni Research. Apr 15, 14
There are data-driven ways to get the biggest bang for your buck from the mundane activity of finding lost alumni. CoolData Blog.

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Apr 14, 14
Marc and Lynne Benioff have doubled down on their already sizable support of UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Apr 11, 14
$100 Million anonymous gift for Dartmouth, the largest single gift in the College's 244 year history.

Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Older Adults and Technology Use. Apr 9, 14
America’s seniors have historically been late adopters to the world of technology compared to their younger compatriots, but their movement into digital life continues to deepen, according to newly released data from the Pew Research Center.

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Why The 1% Don't Feel Rich. Apr 8, 14
The merely rich are making more, but they're not worth more. It's the 0.01 percent that are creating our new Gilded Age.

SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeSupportingadvancement.com Data Warehouse. Apr 4, 13
Building Your Data Warehouse - Foundation For Your Analytics. Presentation from the DRIVE 2014 Conference. More SupportingAdvancement on YouTube. Favourites.

ReportingSupportingadvancement.com DRIVE 2014 Conference Videos. Apr 3, 14
Videos from sessions at DRIVE 2014 are now online and available for viewing. Have a look at some great sessions on data, reporting, information and analytics. More on reporting and analytics.

HEPSupportingadvancement.com A Tale Of Two Schools. Apr 2, 14
What makes one school “get it” and the other school “not get it.”? Both schools are in two of the largest cities on the East Coast. Both schools have tuition around $40,000+ per year but one school gets the matching gift piece and the other does not. More on matching gifts.

Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com Fund For Buffalo State. Mar 26, 14
MainSpring created an email series announcing an alumni giving challenge. The emails utilized variable data and segments. The emails also contain mobile friendly highlighting the challenge. The challenge will continue until the end of the fiscal year with additional emails and social media content.
Email 1 - Athletics, Email 1 - General, Email - Reunion. More e-solicitations.
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Link of the Day
Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Warrington Gives Record $75M To University of Florida. April 24, 14
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Supportingadvancement.com Responsible Investments. Harvard Signs Pact. April 14, 14

Supportingadvancement.com Is Your Online Giving Site Donor-Friendly? April 11, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Slaying Childhood Cancer! Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. April 10, 14

Supportingadvancement.com Advancement Evangelism Or The Time Is Right? CASE. April 9, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Visual Analytics. Visual Analysis Best Practices. Tableau. April 8, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Jack Nicholson Explains Query Duplicates in Raiser's Edge. April 7, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Leading The Way In Prospect Development. Carolina Compass. April 4, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. A Breakup Letter to Facebook From Eat24. April 3, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Data Visualization. Effective Charts and Graphs. Dona Wong. April 2, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Why Fund-Raising is Fun. The New York Times. April 1, 14

Supportingadvancement.com Resources. The Missing Middle. March 28, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Understanding Alumni Networks. Alumni Futures. March 27, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Best Practices in Social Media. March 26, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Are You Using This Powerful Social Engagement Tool? March 25, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Resources. Working In The Cloud. TechSoup. March 24, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Ratings Or Rankings? Inside Higher Ed. March 21, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Resources. Newsletter From Lois L. Lindauer Searches. March 20, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Finance. Endowment Decisions. Inside Higher Ed. March 19, 14
Supportingadvancement.com 5 Tips For Improving International Alumni Data. Academic Impressions. March 18, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Maybe It's Time For A Reread Of The Donor Bill Of Rights. March 17, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Infographic. How To Double Your Facebook Likes. March 14, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Thanks For The Money But Please Keep Your Name. Globe and Mail. March 13, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. 7 Resources To Help You Get Started With Twitter. March 12, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. $60 Million Gift To Boost KSU Academics and Athletics. March 11, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Colorbrewer. Choose The Nature Of Your Data And A Color Scheme. March 10, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Florida A&M Receives $85M in Software From Siemens. March 3, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Automate RFM Scoring Of Your Donors With This Python Script. CoolData. Feb 28,14

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Consulting Services and Sponsorship Opportunities
Consulting ServicesWe are pleased to offer affordable and comprehensive consulting in systems, technology, business process audit and review, report and data warehouse development, training and and other functions related to supporting effective fundraising. Our consulting partners can provide a full range of additional services.

SupportingAdvancement is a popular resource and we provide competitively priced/niche targeted sponsorship opportunities for vendors in the fundraising and non-profit spaces. More details on Consulting and Sponsorships.
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