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Job Postings

Samples, White Papers, Best Practices and More ...

EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com More Jobs. Jul 31, 14
Senior Associate Director of Annual Leadership Giving for Valparaiso University, Development Associate, Associate Director of Development, Director of Donor Engagement, Statistical programmer, and Assistant Director of Annual Giving for the University of Michigan, Phonathon and Student Relations Coordinator for University of Maine, Associate Director of Annual Giving and Operations for Bristol Community College and Director of Annual Giving for Duquense University. Post your jobs for free by registering on the site.

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcement. Jul 30, 14
Oregon Health and Science University’s Knight Cancer Institute has received a $100 million gift to fuel its ambitious vision to stop cancer in its tracks.

Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com TriDelta Fraternity. Jul 29, 14
A landing page and email campaign was created for Tri Delta's 2013 Life Loyal Campaign. The landing page features a mobile payment form and an animated video which showcases the Trident magazine, one of the main benefits of joining Life Loyal. From the MainSpring web site.

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Channels. Jul 25, 14
Donors who give to charity via text are becoming more comfortable and the avenue is becoming their preferred method of giving, if the results of a recent survey are any indication.

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Mega Gift. Jul 24, 14
The Broad Institute, a biomedical research center affiliated with Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is today announcing a $650 million gift to support research on mental health issues.

HEPSupportingadvancement.com Social Media. Jul 23, 14
Six easy tweet topics for any non-profit. Some simple things you can be doing on Twitter to help your fundraising efforts and strengthen your relationship with your donors and friends. More on matching gifts.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Channels. Jul 18, 14
Get ready for Generation Z - Smarter than boomers and more ambitious than Millennials.

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Jul 17, 14
Loma Linda University Health Receives $100M for New Hospital.

ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Baseball Inspired Analysis. Jul 16, 14
Mine your donor data with baseball inspired analysis. CoolData Blog. More on reporting and analytics.

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Jul 15, 14
Stanford receives $61 million from university trustee.

Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com Online Annual Giving. Jul 11, 14
Bob Burdenski and MainSpring founder discuss the online evolution in annual giving.

SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Sample Forms. Jul 8, 14
Examples of using Smartsheet for forms. Ad hoc request form, Advancement Department form, self service report build request form. Saint Joseph's University. More sample forms on this site.

Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Net Threats. Jul 7, 14
Experts say liberty online is challenged by nation-state crackdowns, surveillance, and pressures of commercialization of the Internet.

HEPSupportingadvancement.com Six Data Cleansing Musts. Jun 25, 14
Here are some basic things you can do over the summer break to update your donor data. Regular data cleansing will help you get more for your fundraising efforts. More on matching gifts.

Brian Dowling
Supportingadvancement.com Investment West. Jun 10, 14
We'll be attending the Investment West conference in Vancouver, Canada for the next couple of days and will be presenting on Optimizing Operating Revenue and Cost Per Dollar Raised to Ensure Sustainability. Brian Dowling. More on cost per dollar, budgeting and similar.
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Supportingadvancement.com CU Top Fundraiser Leaving University Following Eavesdropping Investigation. Jun 5, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Small World, Big Gifts. Jun 4, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Presenting At A Conference: Why The Pain Is Totally Worth It. CoolData Blog. Jun 3, 14
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