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Job Postings

Samples, White Papers, Best Practices and More ...

Supportingadvancement.com 10 Years And Counting. Sep 17, 14
SupportingAdvancement started over 10 years ago and we've had many visitors and thousands of downloads of samples and other resources from the site. We're taking a short break and we'll be back 1st week in October. Check for updates on the blog.

EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com More Jobs. Sep 16, 14
Development and Alumni Relations Officer and Gift and Records Coordinator for the University of Michigan, Executive Director for Botanic Gardens Conservation International - U.S., Campaign Prospect Researcher and Donor Stewardship Coordinator for The Morton Arboretum, Grants Manager for the Exploratorium. Post your jobs for free by registering on the site.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Jail Time. Sep 13, 14
New Jersey accountant was sentenced to 18 months in prison and will be barred from working in the tax preparation business for 10 years after his release.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Philanthropy and Policy. Sep 4, 14
Bill Gates joins tech titans in fight against the National Rifle Association.

Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Spiral of Silence on Social Media. Sep 3, 14
When people are less likely to discuss issues on social media. Pew Internet & American Life Project.

ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Ice Bucket Challenge. Aug 27, 14
What are the implications for donor retention for the ice bucket challenge? CoolData Blog.

HEPSupportingadvancement.com Free Webinar. Aug 26, 14
Full of tips and insights, this webinar will unlock important keys to growing matching gift revenues. More on matching gifts.

HEPSupportingadvancement.com #icebucketchallange. Aug 22, 14
If you are on Facebook your newsfeed has probably been flooded with videos of friends pouring ice cold buckets of water over their head, also known as the #icebucketchallenge. If you were lucky like me, someone may have even nominated you to take the challenge. More on matching gifts.

EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com More Jobs. Aug 21, 14
Director of Development Operations for LLLS for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Senior Director of Development and Leadership Gifts for Western Washington University. Post your jobs for free by registering on the site.

ReportingSupportingadvancement.com DRIVE Newsletter. Aug 20, 14
Welcome to the August DRIVE/newsletter! As part of our continued effort to bring you the best in Data, Reporting, Information and Visualization, we'd like to introduce you to two accomplished professionals in the field of Data Modeling and Analytics.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Rankings. Aug 19, 14
The 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities released.

Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com Mobile Holiday Card. Aug 14, 14
A mobile friendly holiday e-card was created and was distributed by Florida A&M University during December. From the MainSpring web site.

ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Eliminate Duplicate Rows. Aug 7, 14
The good news is you can take care of this problem fairly easily in an SQL query using a handy function called LISTAGG. CoolData Blog. More on reporting and analytics.

HEPSupportingadvancement.com Employment Information. Aug 6, 14
Over the past year, HEPdata has helped hundreds of universities and non-profits track down current employment information on their constituents. More on matching gifts.

Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com TriDelta Fraternity. Jul 29, 14
A landing page and email campaign was created for Tri Delta's 2013 Life Loyal Campaign. The landing page features a mobile payment form and an animated video which showcases the Trident magazine, one of the main benefits of joining Life Loyal. From the MainSpring web site.
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Link of the Day
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Supportingadvancement.com How Our Sector Is Getting Its Butt Kicked By Just About Everyone. CoolData. Aug 20, 14
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Supportingadvancement.com College Fund-Raising Rises 5.2%. Aug 19, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Why Chinese-American Philanthropy Is Different. Aug 18, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Gadgets. The Future Of The Keyboard. Aug 15, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Big Brother. Google Turns In A User For Allegedly Possessing Criminal Material. Aug 14, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Donors Give More When They Have A Sense Of Belonging. Aug 13, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Bill Gates To Help Launch Philanthropy Program At Beijing University. Aug 12, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Donor Sues Art Museum For Project Delays. Aug 8, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Giving Circles and Strengthening Involvement In Philanthropy. Aug 7, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Channels. 4 How-Tos For Responsive Email. Aug 6, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Free Webinar. Leveraging Data To Reacquire Lapsed Donors. Jul 31, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Crowdfunding. 10 Platforms On The Rise. Jul 30, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Humour. Annoy The Masses With These 12 Infuriating Tech Behaviours. Jul 29, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Finances. For Profit College Files For Bankruptcy. Jul 25, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Bill Gates Talks Performance Funding and MOOCs in Conference Keynote. Jul 24, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Channels. Crowdfunding Triumphs: 11 Runaway Successes. Jul 22, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Chinese Property Couple Launch #100M  Education Fund. Jul 18, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Finances. Higher Education Outlook For U.S. Still Negative. Jul 17, 14
Supportingadvancement.com How To Personalize Your Donor Stewardship Strategies. Jul 16, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. $25M Gift To Fund New UW Engineering Institute. Jul 15, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Sheridan College Gets $23.5 Million Gift From Foundation. Jul 11, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. How 3 Leading Universities Use Social Media. Jul 10, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Rankings. The Cost Of Moving Up. Jul 9, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Channels. 12 Google+ Best Practices For Nonprofits. Jul 8, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Gadgets. U.S. College To Lend Drones From Campus Library. Jul 7, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Tracking Matching Gifts in eTapestry. Blackbaud. Jul 3, 14

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Consulting ServicesWe are pleased to offer affordable and comprehensive consulting in systems, technology, business process audit and review, report and data warehouse development, training and and other functions related to supporting effective fundraising. Our consulting partners can provide a full range of additional services.

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