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We've provided these resources for over 10 years as a service to nonprofits.

Over the next year, we'll be moving content on this site to SupportingFundraising due to a major technology change and a rebranding exercise. Thanks in advance for your patience,
ideas and suggestions as we move forward.

RecordsSupportingadvancement.com Data Retention. Jan 26, 15
Everyone occasionally asks some of the following questions: How long should I retain my data? When does data become clutter in the database? Should I archive records? What are some policies and procedures for data retention? More on records and data management.

HEPSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts Community. Jan 22, 15
CASE provides an online community for members, however you may not know that one of the forums in the online communities is for discussing matching gifts – and you don’t have to be a CASE member to participate. More on matching gifts.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Why Blog? Jan 21, 15
Good post on the CoolData Blog on blogging. Blogging is not easy – it’s very challenging to find the time and the inclination to write and talk about what you’ve done, are planning or are currently doing in order to share that with others.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Improving Performance. Jan 20, 15
Here’s an idea that I saw in a presentation on thinking of strategy as a “ladder” with different “levels of value.” The concept can help you move from strategy to tactical while keeping you focused on how elements of a project need to dovetail back up to the overarching strategy.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Social Media Update 2014. Jan 19, 15
From one of my favourite sources of information about the changing face of the Internet, the Pew Research Center, has released a new report on Social Media Usage.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Advancement Resources. Jan 16, 15
Good post from the CASE blog on Advancement Resources: a Year-In-Review.

SystemsSupportingadvancement.com Requiem. Jan 15, 15
A while back we did a blog posting on Blackbaud's intended acquisition of Convio. We've re-posted with a few follow-up comments.

ReportingSupportingadvancement.com DRIVE/2015 Register Soon. Jan 14, 15
Don’t miss your opportunity to attend DRIVE/2015. It’s March 11-12, 2015 in Seattle, WA. Registration is filling up quickly and hotel space is almost booked. DRIVE is Data, Reporting, Information and Visualization Exchange. More on reporting and analytics.

Like MindedSupportingadvancement.com Vendor Listings. Jan 13, 14
We’ve recently added and updated vendor listings on this site and have created specific pages for different categories of vendors.The page has an overview of what we’ve done and what we’ve tried to include along with a form to suggest additions to the page and instructions as to how vendors can add/enhance/update their listings.

EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Flurry of New Jobs. Jan 12, 14
In keeping with the usual trends at this time of year, just a reminder that there’s been a number of jobs posted recently on the job board. Post your jobs for free. You'll have to register on the site and then register as an employer to post jobs.

HEPSupportingadvancement.com Free Webinar. Jan 9, 15
Free webinar from HEPdata on the best practices to gain employment data. More on matching gifts.

Like MindedSupportingadvancement.com Fundraising Compass. Jan 8, 15
Fundraising Compass Blog added to Blogs of Interest on the Community pages of the site.
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