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We've provided these resources for over 10 years as a service to nonprofits.

Over the next year, we'll be moving content on this site to SupportingFundraising due to a major technology change and a rebranding exercise. Thanks in advance for your patience,
ideas and suggestions as we move forward.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Losing Sleep. Mar 25, 15
What keeps CEOs up at night. A few vignettes from a panel discussion.

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Economics & Donations. Mar 24, 15
Economic Outlooks and Expectations for Donations. Consumer confidence has improved over the last number of years and is almost at the same level as it was in the 2008 pre-recession environment. We would expect a positive correlation with donations as consumer confidence improves.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Omatic Software. Mar 20, 15
Omatic Software is a Blackbaud Technology Partner that focuses exclusively on extending, automating, and integrating Blackbaud software. More on vendor listings.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com NewSci. Mar 19, 15
Big data solution for nonprofit organizations. By combining a proven Big Data platform with deep sector expertise, NewSci can digitize silos and unlock the cross-organizational intelligence needed to take the critical knowledge-driven actions required in todayís marketplace. More on vendor listings.

Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Soliciting Matching Gifts. Mar 18, 15
Responsibilities for the mechanics of data maintenance and acquisition, asking for matching gifts, pledge collection and follow-up (both with individuals and organizations), corporate agents, alumni events within organizations and other aspects of matching gifts typically cross many program areas. More on matching gifts.

Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Benchmarking Matching Gifts. Mar 17, 15
Best benchmarking and reporting practices are critical to measurement of the ongoing performance of matching gift performance processes whether or not you even have a formal matching gift program in place. More on matching gifts.

Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts Page Updated. Mar 16, 15
The matching gifts resources have been moved to the new site.

Telemarketing and TelefundSupportingadvancement.com Caller Thank You Video. Mar 6, 15
First of all, shout out to the Annual Giving Network for their blog post highlighting this caller thank you video from UC San Diego. You should read the post as itís got a good overview and we donít need to repeat here. More on telemarketing and telefund.

Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Nonprofits and Social Media. Mar 5, 15
Presentation on how nonprofits are utilizing social media. Includes history, planning and numerous examples of engaging constituents.

EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Prospect Research. Mar 4, 15
Collection of job descriptions for prospect research added.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Mitigating Risk Exposure. Mar 4, 15
The discussion of risk can be very deep but weíll just skim the surface in four broad areas. The following white paper download includes strategies for looking at your overall attack surface, risk of your financial statements, cost per dollar raised and discusses risk in relation to sustainability. Included are sample policies for mobile devices and storing data off-site.
Samples, White Papers, Best Practices and More ...
Annual FundAnnual Fund
Young Alumni, Reasons to Give, Direct Mail, Engaging Alumni ...

Job Descriptions, Where the Jobs Are, Training, Policies ...

Analysis, Planning, Strategies, Policies, Reviews & Links, More ...

Like MindedLike Minded
Sites with resources run by individuals/consultants. Blogs.

Matching GiftsMatching Gifts
Best practices, matching gift survey, samples and more.

More With LessMore with Less
Budget Reduction, Cost Per $ Raised, Cost Savings ...

Associations and Communities of Practice.

Policies and ProceduresPolicies
Policies, procedures and more. Also check the Employment page.

Alumni Chapters, Listservs, Stewardship, Surveys, More ...
Shadow Databases, Lost Alumni, Privacy/Confidentiality, Imaging ...

Favorite Reports, Data Mining, Sub-reports, Data Warehouse ...

Peer Screening, Screening For Gold, Research Fundamentals, Asian Prospecting.

Matching GiftsOn-line Giving, Class Agents, Campaigns ...

Athletics, Faculty & Staff, Parents, Pledges, Reunion, Scripts, More ...

Data Backup, Software Vendors, Security, Strategic Plan, Blogs ...

Telemarketing and Telefund
Telemarketing & Telefund

Call Center Design, Training, Telefund Games, Managing Callers ...

Web SightingsWeb Sightings
Rating Your Site, Sites for Web Development, Sample Web Forms ...

Ideas for Resources
Your Contributions
Ideas for resources you can add to this site. Contributors.
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